Win Han Solo frozen in Carbonite

Win Han Solo frozen in Carbonite

Han Solo is a famous fictional smuggler in the Star Wars franchise performed by Harrison Ford who achieved galactic fame as a member of the Rebel Alliance and later the New Republic. He was first introduced in 1977 in the fourth episode of Star War film “A new hope”. Han remains one of cinema’s most admired movie characters and over the course of the Star Wars franchise, he becomes a leading figure in the Alliance and succeeding galactic governments. You can win Hans Solo frozen in carbonite on UK Prize. Famous fictional character of Han Solo is used in multiple media, including action figures, video games, and other collectibles.

At the start of A New Hope, Solo and Chewbacca were notorious smugglers but later on at one stage the imperial army captures them and purposes a condition to jettison his cargo in order to avoid arrest. Due to which his former boss Jabba faces a mounting debt. Desperate to pay off his debt, Solo accepts a charter who will transport Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, and their two droids to the planet Alderaan and thus he becomes the member of Rebel Alliance. He provides help in the release of Princess Leia from Imperial custody, though he claims he is “only in it for the money,” and parts ways with the rebels after delivering them to safety and receiving his payment. However, near the end, he has a change of heart, and helps Luke Skywalker destroy the Death Star at the Battle of Yavin. As a result, Solo is handsomely rewarded and got freedom from the planet Alderaan. UK Prize is giving you Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite figure a brilliant piece of art, absolutely free through the prize draws offered at UK Prize.

Han Solo is a renowned character, who has received many rewards and honor from all over the world for instance the American Film Institute graded him as the 14th greatest film hero. Empire, a British film magazine also ranked him on the fourth position among the best movie characters of all time. Entertainment Weekly is an American magazine that made a list of All-Time Coolest Heroes in Pop Culture and Han Solo got the seventh position in the listing order while ranked Solo at number 15 on their list of the 100 Greatest Fictional characters. . Win Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite figure by participating in the competition at UK Prize. The Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite figure prize draw is free and open for all UK residents. Do not miss this golden chance to win Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite figure for free.

Frozen Embryo Transfer Success Story

I remember searching the internet for hours to try to find frozen embryo success stories. I found some, but I never felt like there were relevant to me. They all had numerous eggs and perfect embryos to freeze. That was not our situation at all. I hope you will find encouragement through our frozen embryo transfer success story.

Not long after we got married my husband and I decided to start trying to have a baby. We tried naturally for about a year. When that was not successful we decided to go to the doctor. My doctor sent us to a fertility specialist and he diagnosed us with male factor infertility. My test all came back “normal”. The doctor recommended that we skip the smaller interventions and go straight to IVF with ICSI. It was a little intimidating, but we were thrilled to think we would be having a baby soon.

Our first IVF attempt was a complete bust. Even though I was only 23 at the time, the doctor had a hard time getting me to respond to the meds, and I only ended up producing 6 eggs. The embryos were of poor quality and we did not get pregnant. We waited a month and tried again. This cycle seemed to go very well. I responded better, and produced a few more eggs this time. We transferred three good quality embryos, and we got pregnant. The joy of getting pregnant for the first time did not last long. Within two weeks of finding out, we had a miscarriage. I handled this miscarriage well. I felt encouraged to know that we could get pregnant. Since I am a teacher, we had to wait almost a full year to try again. The next summer we went through two more IVF cycles. We had the exact same results; one negative and one miscarriage.

At this point I was not so optimistic anymore. If we did not have eight frozen embryos, then we may have stopped trying. Since a frozen embryo transfer is a lot less demanding than a fresh cycle, we did not wait until the summer to try again. We moved forward with our first FET, and found ourselves pregnant again. The pregnancy resulted in another miscarriage. We were devastated. I did not believe I could carry a baby to term, and was starting to feel very guilty. My husband was very supportive, but I knew he wanted to start a family as badly as I did. We still had frozen embryos left and felt like we had to give them a chance.

I’m so happy that we did not give up, because this frozen embryo transfer led to the birth of our beautiful, healthy baby boy. I am sharing our frozen embryo success story with you to encourage you to keep trying. I also want you to know that those frozen embryos can become healthy babies. I am so thankful to be able to share this with you, and I hope you will be sharing your story soon.

Harmless Predator Prevention Techniques

The farm animals that are under threat from predators are poultry but most specifically, chicken.

Both wild and domestic predators can cause huge losses to poultry. The most common chicken predators are domestic dogs, foxes, hawk (particularly chicken hawks), rats and snakes that go for the chicks.

Natural techniques can also be used to protect the poultry. Dogs can be used as protection animals but not protect chickens, the dog has to be well trained so that it does not kill the chicken either intentionally or non- intentionally.

Another method would be to use guinea fowl to protect the chicken. Though the guinea fowl are extremely noisy animals, they are effective in chasing away any animals that is a mammal and will also rid the farm of pest and bugs such as ticks thus not only protecting the chicken but also the other animals.

A good natural deer deterrent is to use human hair. It has been proved that deers scamper when they smell humans thus the smell from the human hair will keep the deer away. Soap can also be used to keep deers away especially those that have a strong smell keep of the deer. These are effective ecological friendly method that do not cause any harm to the animal but just concentrates on keeping them far away.

Another natural deer deterrent is use of plants. There are some plants such as hyssops that the deer dislikes and these when planted along the fence of the farm can make a useful prevention method as the deers will tend to keep away once they are able to smell these plants.

Most predators are frightened of noises. This can be used advantageously to keep of predators by using systems that will produce sound. This can be in the form of a radio with a high volume or it can be in the form of pots, pans and metal sheets that will rattle in the wind. The farmer can also attract owls to his farm that may provide the occasional but necessary movement and noise that will frighten the night predators.

Deers can also be kept at bay by use of plants and bushes along the fence as they will not to pass through or pass over them.

Some predators are resilient in their attacks and will wait for an opportunity to present itself for them; it is advisable to use methods that are ecologically friendly so as to maintain the balance in nature. Farmers are advised not to go for the methods that will kill the predators and of they prove to be a bigger method, all the techniques available can be combined to provide effective protection.

To protect chickens, the farmer is advised that prevention is better than cure and has to ensure that the coop is safe from all harm and that the chicken are properly locked in at night. During the day when the chickens are free to ream about, it is advisable to keep an eye on them at all times to keep off day predators such as the chicken hawks.

Chiropractic Care For Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a painful condition that dramatically affects a persons quality of life as it limits the range of motion of the shoulder. Luckily, a Seattle chiropractor can restore functionality and range of motion to people suffering with frozen shoulder without the need to resort to drugs or surgery for relief. This article looks at the condition of frozen shoulder and shows how chiropractic treatment can help.

Frozen Shoulder AKA Adhesive Capsulitis

Also known as adhesive capsulitis, people suffering with frozen shoulder have a significant loss of shoulder functionality and range of motion. Frozen shoulder also hurts, ranging anywhere from mild discomfort to intense pain.

There are usually four different stages to frozen shoulder, including:

1. Pre-Adhesive In the first stage of frozen shoulder, sufferers usually have no or low range of motion loss, but signs of joint problems begin to show and mild discomfort may occur
2. Acute Adhesive During the acute adhesive state, the shoulder becomes stiff and motion starts to cause pain
3. Maturation The size of the shoulder socket and the joint cavity reduce, motion becomes more painful, and muscle atrophy around the shoulder begins to set in during the maturation stage
4. Chronic In the last chronic stage of frozen shoulder, sufferers have an extreme pain and almost total loss in their range of motion

How You Get Frozen Shoulder

While there is no definitive answer as to how or why frozen shoulder develops other than with prolonged arm immobilization, some possible causes include trauma, arthritis, and chronic tendonitis. Chest and mastectomy surgery can also contribute to developing frozen shoulder. This condition is most commonly found in middle-aged women and usually occurs in the shoulder of the less dominant arm.

Treating Frozen Shoulder

During the first two stages of frozen shoulder chiropractic care usually focuses on controlling inflammation and managing pain. Since people suffering with this condition need to retain as much range of motion as possible, chiropractic adjustments can help along with special stretching exercises. Other therapies that can help include acupuncture and massage.

A Seattle chiropractor will also recommend an aggressive treatment plan for home care that involves exercises, stretching, and heat application that keeps the shoulder moving while also helping to alleviate pain.

What To Expect During Recovery

Luckily, frozen shoulder is a condition that does eventually heal with chiropractic treatment in most cases. However, healing naturally can take up to two years, depending on severity. People not seeking treatment can still have pain and loss of motion well beyond two years.

Surgery isnt really a good option for frozen shoulder, and most surgeries that attempt to remedy this condition are unsuccessful. While drugs can help relieve the pain of frozen shoulder, the best treatment is really Seattle chiropractic care that relies on adjustments that keep the body in line along with massage, exercises, and heat that reduce or eliminate pain.

If you have frozen shoulder or suspect you may have this condition, schedule an appointment with a Seattle chiropractor today.

Thawing Out Frozen Water Pipes

Pipes can freeze at an alarming rate once the temperature dips well below freezing. This sometimes happens even when precautions are taken; most often when winterizing a pipe has been overlooked or when a house is not heated efficiently. Sometimes homeowners will be lucky that though the pipes freeze, they do not burst. But it can still be disheartening not to be able to get water from the faucet. There are some tips on how to get your water moving again.

Thawing a pipe should never be done hastily. Slow and consistent thawing is best as it will prevent possible weakening of the pipes. Ice in the pipes being thawed too quickly can cause the ice to explode, damaging the pipe around it. This is more common in PVC pipes. Torches are not recommended to thaw pipes, because they can thaw the pipe far too quickly and also present a huge risk of fire to the home if precaution is not taken. If your pipe has burst, it is imperative to turn off the main feed of water before flooding and major damage can occur.

Turn on any faucets you believe may be adjacent to or fed from the frozen pipe. This will help to locate the possible frozen pipe line. Often there will be a skin of ice or frost near or on the frozen section. If you are not sure exactly where the frozen section is, but you have a general idea, then you have several options.
Turning up the heat in the home can help, as well as using a well-attended space heater. Using heat lamps, such as infrared lamps, can help thaw a pipe without thawing it too quickly. Always start the thawing process from the faucet and go along the line. Direct the heat toward the pipe as much as you can without placing the lamp too close to the wall or area where the pipe has frozen. If the pipe is inside of a wall, you may have to cut that section of drywall out to have better access to the pipe. Remember to shut off the main water valve before thawing the pipes as there is the possibility of broken pipes which may cause flooding.

Along with heat lamps and turning up the heat in the house, there are a few other methods that will work as well. A hair dryer, electrical heating tape and space heaters are a few other options. Hot water also can be used; but it is messy. Monitor the faucets, to see what progress you are making, and do not stop the thawing process, because thawing the pipes partially and allowing them to freeze again can be costly in the form of burst pipes.

It is probably best to have a master plumber visit your home after frozen pipes have become a problem. They can perform leak detection and ensure that your piping is safe from further harm, as well as give you suggestions on how to prevent frozen pipes in the future. Follow all directions carefully to the letter. If your pipes have burst, do not waste any time. Call a plumber immediately after cutting off the main water supply, and wait for help to arrive. Last, but not least, winterize your pipes every fall.

Understanding What A Frozen Shoulder Is

There are many shoulder conditions that affect many people in the world on daily basis. One of the most disabling and disturbing condition is frozen should pain. It is also referred to as adhesive capsulitis as condition that causes the shoulders to become painful and stiff. Basically the shoulder movements in most cases become reduced and sometimes completely frozen. An expert may simply describe it as a condition that is caused by scar-like tissue that forms in the shoulder capsule. The symptoms of this condition are known to last for a long time and they may take 2 to 3 years. However, various treatments can help solve the condition by easing the pain and also improving the shoulder movement.

This is a condition that mainly affects adults. In fact, it is know to affect 1 in 50 adults at a certain stage in their life. In essence, it mainly affects adults between the age of 40 to 60 years and more common in women. Those who may be suffering from diabetes and other conditions like Parkinson disease and overactive thyroid are more prone to the condition. This condition affects either of the shoulders but it can also be a non-dominant shoulder – that is on the left shoulder in a right-handed person. Hence, you should never confuse frozen shoulder with arthritis and not all joints are affected.

The cause of frozen shoulder pain is not clear. It is believe that some scar tissue forms in the shoulder capsule that covers and protect the shoulder joint. This scar tissue may cause the thin shoulder capsule to thicken, contract and also reduce the movement of the shoulder. And so you will have problems carrying out full range of should movements and it may be very difficulty to perform your daily chores. You will not be able to perform chores such as dressing; driving and you will also not sleep comfortably. Therefore, the main symptoms of frozen shoulder are aching and dull shoulder pain and difficult in performing daily activities regardless of how simple they may be. Swelling of tendon and pain down the outer upper side of the arm are the other symptoms of frozen shoulder.

The diagnosis of frozen shoulder pains is mainly made by a specialized doctor. The examination involves having an x-ray or an MRI scan of the shoulder joint. There are a number of treatment options that you can go for when you suffer from adhesive capsulitis. However, the main aim of the treatment is to take care of the pain and stiffness on the shoulder. One can use ordinary painkillers to take care of the condition. You can use paracetamol to try and control the pain. Another strong painkiller that you can use is codeine.

Anti-inflammatory painkillers such as Ibuprofen, diclofenac and naproxen can also be used. These are vital drugs that work out to ease the pain and also reduce the inflammation on the shoulder. Shoulder exercises can also be useful as you take care of the shoulder stiffness. You should also put physiotherapy into use, as they will know the best exercise to use. Steroid injection and surgery are other effective ways that you can use to treat frozen shoulder pain. Therefore, you should always visit the best doctor in the industry and get assistance immediately once you experience shoulder pains.

Malaysian Glove Industry Due To “bad” Benefit – Finger Splint Manufacturer

Outbreak of bird flu Asia-Pacific region’s poultry industry suffered a heavy blow, Danshishengchan rubber gloves of Qi Ye Que Keneng “blessing in disguise”, Yin Shou Tao rapidly increasing demands of beneficiaries.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has called on poultry farms and related practitioners take precautions, wearing protective masks, gloves and rubber boots to reduce the risk of avian influenza infection. Economic analysts here believe that in all countries strive to prevent the spread of avian influenza, people’s “awareness of security” will stimulate the demand for rubber gloves.
Last year, the Iraq war and SARS outbreak, so that demand for medical rubber gloves, rubber gloves, the world’s annual demand will increase by at least 10%, directly benefit Malaysia’s major rubber glove manufacturers. Analysts believe that the gloves are generally made industry “windfalls”, anthrax attacks, the war in Iraq and SARS and other deadly infectious diseases, contributed to the high market demand for rubber gloves, the avian flu is no exception.
However, because Malaysian manufacturers produce more high-grade medical gloves, and the products exported to Europe and the United States market over bird flu by the opportunities will not emerge immediately, take 1 to 2 months of “latency.” Market analysts here believe that the outbreak of bird flu in Asia Pacific, not the glove manufacturer in the country’s major markets, the bird flu impact on the glove industry may be less than last year’s outbreak of atypical pneumonia.
In Malaysia, the glove manufacturers and more export-oriented production of high-grade medical gloves sold to Europe and the United States and other developed countries more than market in Asia-Pacific market share is not high. Gloves manufactured in Malaysia, 30% of sales to the United States, 30-40% are exported to Europe, from 10 to 15 percent supply the Asia Pacific market. The main focus of avian influenza in the Asia Pacific region, so its impact will not be too obvious.
However, large-scale outbreak of avian flu, will “assist” glove poultry producers and related industries to develop new markets, especially in the past, reusable gloves, poultry-related businesses, in the future, or use Government using the lost gloves, thereby increasing the demand for rubber gloves. According to the production enterprises Chukou here glove market analysis report, the Asia Pacific region although the rate in the market behind Europe and the United States, However, we welcome area of the market is growing, Mei Yi Ci of public health crises Kai Tuole new in the market. This trend to markets that the gloves in this region will continue to increase overall sales, so that the relevant benefit the industry.
Malaysia, OSK Securities analyst, said export more products to the Asia Pacific market is expected to benefit the domestic enterprises, the country’s top companies and speed Ybema gloves will be the biggest beneficiaries; Asia-Pacific market and Top Glove Corporation Ybema speed brings about 10% of turnover, if demand continues to rise in rubber gloves, the two companies can easily profit this fiscal year increased by 5%; for Thailand, there are manufacturers producing low-cost products, so local manufacturers really not that high degree of benefit. However, if the bird flu continued to spread to other areas, or epidemic too long, Europe and the United States will be a corresponding increase in customer demand.
At present, the bird flu in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia continue to spread, but stable condition in other regions, countries continue to take strict prevention and control measures, Thailand, and Vietnam have expressed, is expected to control the outbreak within February.

Sea Food Culture of Vietnam

Food may be a language that everybody will relate. It’s a typical part for all cultures. The most common foods in America that Americans love are hot dogs, barbecue and burgers for gatherings and Turkey for giving thanks. In Vietnam they all go out at a family gathering. If truth be told once you review this text, you’ll discover a minimum of three secrets regarding Vietnamese vacation culture and cuisine that you just haven’t heard regarding till currently.

Vietnam is a country where the streams, rivers, delta, tributaries are criss-crossed all over the landmass and is also surrounded by the South China Sea. As a result dinning in Vietnam mostly includes fishes maybe that of fresh water or sea water. Even consumption of dry fish is also popular in Vietnam as in the city region refrigeration is a problematic stuff for scarcity of electric.

Vietnamese are terribly specific regarding their food. Hamburgers, hot dogs, and pizzas are nice however they are doing not hold candles to ancient Vietnamese cuisine flourishes throughout vacation celebrations or family gatherings.

Vietnamese likes to celebrate and socialize around food and beer. Vietnam is sure by the South China Ocean. There is a plethora for Vietnam seafood. They tend to celebrate heartily with all differing kinds of seafood. They tend to eat till we tend to drop. Seafood is that the most celebrated ancient Vietnamese cuisine which includes vannamei and fresh water shrimp.

The seafood tradition lives on with the families who have migrated to America. Whenever any guests drop in their house they have a range of ancient Vietnamese cuisine like king crab legs, spicy seasoned crawfish, boiled snails dipped in lemon, etc. They also love vannamei, a white shrimp and is one of their favorite. Another thing they love is fresh water shrimp, which is a bit tough to get.

During family gatherings, exotic Vietnamese cuisine typically surfaces. Ancient Vietnamese cuisine is as easy as boiled crab legs or as exotic as duck blood pie or frog curry. Yes, dog meat involves mind when Vietnamese celebrate holidays. However, dog meat is often served in Vietnam and not in America.

The karaoke begins before the ending of mill of the guests. All the recent chime and the young are with totally in different generations of the music starting from today’s latest yank pop songs to classical Vietnamese songs. Smart times are had by all throughout family gatherings. We tend to roll home happy and full.

As you’ll see, ancient Vietnamese cuisine favors Vietnam seafood. Growing up with a seafood palette, hamburgers and hot dogs won’t do.

Why Buy Frozen Seafood?



For a long time, people have been looking East in a bid to know the secret to long life. It is said that there are more elderly people in countries such as Japan and China and that these people are much older than other old people in many countries. Scientists and researchers alike have tried to explain these discrepancies and finally they have pointed diet as the main contributor totheir healthy long life. This has helped the said countries to grow a wide market for some of the products that are available in abundance.



There is a big and still growing market for seafood such as fish and shrimp which are a basic delicacy in countries such as Thailand, Japan and China. Moreover, visitors to these countries find that they develop an appetite for the recipes available. The market is now worldwide and companies have been able to basetheir production on demands of foreign markets.



In many countries, there are many different types of frozen seafood such as frozen shrimp that is imported from producers in China and Japan. Upon arrival, there are several measures that are implemented to ensure that thefood is indeed safe for human consumption. This includes checking the storage and packaging used. It is important for one to perform checks when looking for a supplier so that you get assured of a wide selection for whichever delicacy you have in mind.



There are several advantages of buying frozen seafood  as compared to buying fresh. The seafood will beready to store in the freezer and can be cooked at any time within the indicated duration. Moreover, one can be assured of getting premium qualityproducts since there is no limit on the delivery time after freezing. One of the available varieties available easily is frozen shrimp. Moreover, this is available cooked or even raw. These are available in various forms and color depending on the actual type of each.


Backyard Chicken Coop Plans ? Top Tips

Hence, if you want to make more money from raising chickens then of the important things that you should do is to start this endeavour correctly by creating perfect backyard chicken coop plans that will ensure optimum health and comfortable life for your chickens. Keep in mind that there are quite numerous aspects that you need to note so that your coop is just perfect in providing the basic needs of the poultry.

Always remember that the health of every chicken in vital to your success. One sick livestock can infect others; making the whole situation worst. In fact, some poultry business when down to failure as a result of one chicken that was not given proper attention; thereby affecting the other chickens and eventually the entire poultry. For this reason, you must always keep in mind the health and well being of the chickens when you build backyard chicken coop plans. This can make or break the success of your business.

Consequently, in order to keep the livestock healthy at all times you have to make sure to include in your plan how you are going to clean the coop in order to keep the livestock away from dirt and harmful materials that can cause various diseases. One of the ideal designs is to make one side of the coop having some snap-out open doors that allow you to easily insert your hands or cleaning materials when cleaning the area. This will make cleaning the coop easier. Consequently, you will also be able to clean the hen house more often if the maintenance procedures are also easy to perform; compared to having hard time cleaning the coop.

Another recommendation when creating the backyard chicken coop plans is to make the flooring a little bit inclined so the chicken droppings will slide easily to the drainage at the side of the coop. This will also make cleaning the house easier and always ensure the floor is dry at all times. Always remember these tips when you are going to build backyard chicken coop plans for maximum success on this endeavour.