Fresh Fish

You cant beat the great taste of Fresh Fish, whatever Fresh Fish Recipes you try

Without doubt, Fresh Fish has to be one of the easiest meals to prepare, especially if you use the bake in the oven method. Basically, you get a fillet of Fresh Fish, say a salmon for example, and place the fillet upon some baking foil. Add a little knob of butter on the top, some chopped chillies, spring onion, and chopped garlic then fold the foil to make a little parcel. Place the Fresh Fish in the oven at around 180oC and bake for around 20 minutes or until the fish is cooked through. Serve with fragranced rice, new potatoes, vegetables or a simple salad; its absolutely delicious and takes the minimum of effort to prepare.

Thats just one meal idea for Fresh Fish and if you look online youll find tons of others.

Where to buy Fresh Fish

If your only experience of fish is that of the battered variety from the local chip shop a few pointers might help. Good quality Fresh Fish is available from the fish counter of your local supermarket and youll also find food market stalls that sell a great selection of Fresh Fish. Theres also a great source of Fresh Fish online with vacuum sealed chilled products being delivered fresh to your door within 24 hours of being ordered from fishmonger sites.

Some suppliers even provide you with Fresh Fish Recipes on their websites so you can experiment with different varieties of fish and create new culinary delights using a host of tasty ingredients.

Fresh Fish Recipes are extremely diverse

There really is something for everyone with great tasting recipe ideas catering for the whole family. Search for inspiration for your next Fresh Fish dishes and sample a few recipe ideas. Its really easy to make great tasting Fresh Fish dishes whether you like cod risotto or tasty tuna steaks.

Experiment with a host of Fresh Fish and enjoy quality food that really does taste amazing. Inspiration is never far away if you buy Fresh Fish through online fishmongers who list a wide selection of recipe ideas for the benefit of their customers. Choose seabass or scallops, salmon or smoked mackerel and you could dish up some fish at your next dinner party.

Make Your Own Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is a delicious dessert that is loved by adults and kids of all ages. It has the same taste and consistency of ice cream, but doesn’t have as much fat. When compared to other desserts, it becomes clear that it is a much healthier option. You can buy this healthy treat at most grocery stores and many restaurants, or you can make it yourself at home. It easy to make, and can be whipped up in a manner similar to that of homemade ice cream. As a matter of fact, most frozen yogurt machines are also capable of making ice cream.

When first learning how to make fro-yo, as fans affectionately call it, it’s best to start with the basics. Learn how to make vanilla first, since it’s the easiest one to master. You’ll use vanilla as a base for many of the advanced flavors, so it’s important you perfect it first. It’s easy to make, requiring only 3 cups of plain yogurt, a half cup of sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Mix them all together until the sugar is complete blended in. Cover the bowl and place it in the refrigerator until the mixture is chilled. Once chilled, all you have to do is put it in the frozen yogurt machine and let it run until it’s done. This usually takes about 20 minutes, so it won’t be long before your tasty treat is done.

There are a few alterations you can make to the recipe above to make it healthier. You can put less sugar in the mix, which will result in a tangier tasting, but more healthy, treat. Some people like the tangier taste, while others don’t care for it. You can also try replacing the sugar with varying amounts of honey.

Once you’ve perfected your recipe, it’s time to start experimenting with other flavors. You can add chocolate syrup or melted chocolate to the mix. There are various fruits and fruit syrups you can add. One of my personal favorites is to add lemon extract or lemon zest to the mix to give it a tangy lemon flavor similar to that of sherbet. Banana, strawberry and pineapple are other popular fruit flavors. Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to try new things.

Another area that is open to interpretation is the topping you put on your frozen yogurt. Chopped peanuts or almonds go well with most flavors. Most kids love chocolate fudge, butterscotch or caramel syrup, just remember that this adds more sugar to the mix. It’s OK for a treat once in a while, but they shouldn’t be allowed to use these syrups every night. Other toppings that are good for a treat every once in a while include gummy bears, crushed candy bars and M&M’s.

As you can see, frozen yogurt is similar to ice cream. It’s made the same way, and tastes the same. What it doesn’t have is the fat. It’s much lower in fat than ice cream, so you should substitute it whenever possible.

Chicken Keeping For Beginners – 4 Must Know Fundamentals That You Should Follow When Keeping Hens

Raising chickens for meat and eggs is becoming a popular practice these days. Anyone who has an ample space in the backyard can give chicken farming a try. Whether for business or for one’s own food supply, the poultry farming industry has drawn interest from different kinds of people. Some experienced poultry farmers have been magnanimous enough to share some steps in chicken keeping for beginners, which are believed to be helpful for those who are planning to get their hands on poultry farming.

If you want to raise chickens but you do not have enough knowledge about it, the best thing that you should do is to learn the steps in chicken keeping for beginners. As a novice in poultry farming, you must be aware that you cannot take any shortcuts just like what most shrewd yet unethical farmers do. You need to learn the basics to be able to come up with your own healthy flock. Here are some of the fundamentals in chicken keeping for beginners that you should be able to follow:

1. Do research on the breeds of chicken and decide which one you should raise. Leghorn, Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpington are just some of the famous breeds that you can keep. Among these three, the Leghorn breed produces the most eggs. The Rhode Island Reds are rather known for their brown eggs. If you are planning to raise chickens for eggs, it is best to start by rearing a flock through the adult fowls.

2. Build a coop. The coop must be designed to allow enough space, ventilation and insulation for the chickens. It must also be protected from predators such as the vermin and dogs. There are free plans available online that you can use as construction guides.

3. Provide sufficient feeds. Whether you are planning to rear caged or free range chickens, it is important to consider the amount of feeds that they will need. Mature birds in full laying condition usually require rations that have much protein content than those required for maintenance.

4. Establish your own flock by incubating the eggs. It used to take 18 to 21 days before the eggs would hatch into chicks. The more chicks you produce, the more likely you can supply meat and eggs for the market.

Chicken keeping for beginners is necessary for giving the novices the right idea about raising fowls. There is nothing more valuable than the basics for those who want to establish their own poultry farms. As soon as the established flock grows, the poultry farming can now step into the higher level for commercial success.

Frozen Continent Adventures

I wait for a break in the raging waves before doing my thing after stepping down the gangway of the cruise ship with care. To be in my tiny rubber boat, I took one fast stride.

Within just a short period of time, our small exploration group bounced through a napping seal and chunks of floating ice that shimmered blue. As I finally stop on a rocky beach, I gather my feet above the zodiac to get to the northernmost area of the Peninsula of the Antarctic.

Walking by blocks of beached ice, my senses are struck by a tremendous sight and a pungent guano smell. Happy, waddling penguins reaching hundreds were surrounding me and it was nice to watch them. Their number soared high past a rocky slope, around where my eyes could reach.

It’s our first landing on this remotest of continents, and already the two day cruise from Ushuaia, Argentina, through infamously rough seas is paying off. Increasingly, tourists across nations learn how much this vast crystalline wilderness situated at the bottom of the world is worth all the hassles in traveling.

Yearly, the number of visitors increase and some 26,000 visited last year. Patterns of swirling blue are broken by lectures on global sneaky penguins.

This may be known to be the coldest continent of all, but then during the austral summer’s December days, the weather is remarkably pleasant. Temperatures often get above freezing even into the 40s on the peninsula. Trips are usually held from November up to March.

This 100 meter long cruise ship is capable of traversing through icy waters travels the seas for around 11 days and carries around 100 travelers most of the time. The ship is comfortable, but not fancy. Many passengers go to its library, auditorium and even their bar and lounge.

Aboard tiny yachts, people troop to Antarctica. We go and leave the port this coming Friday night. We could barely wait for the next day, when we get to see birds in flight, most especially the albatrosses which parade their graceful arcs and exceptional glides.

In their aim to pass time while cruising the sea, tour guides inject lectures by different experts from a marine biologist, geologist, bird expert, historian and an artist that teaches them how to draw and paint penguins and icebergs. All throughout the trip, surprisingly, global warming was not discussed, but this was often in discussions.

Many of the trip’s highlights happened during landings on the continent and nearby islands. Hearing the stentorian clapping boom of a calving iceberg or perhaps gazing at a thundering avalanche are truly remarkable experiences. So many things, right on the decks of the ship, can be seen. Thanks to short hours of darkness, tourists maximize their trip.

It would be proper to be heavily dressed to keep the icy winds from making you uncomfortable while you look at the beautiful wind carved iceberg sculptures floating by, shimmer in shades of blue and others in brilliant white.

We went through glorious white landscapes in high mountains glazed with glaciers that hang high. Some times, whales would be seen. A long glorious sunset paints the sky with bright hues of red and orange.

As we returned to the ship, we got word that an older passenger got so ill and had to be evacuated as soon as possible.

This translates to the need for taking a long overnight detour and heading back to the Islands of South Shetland just to grab an airstrip. Because of evacuations like this, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars, many tour groups highly recommend that passengers get medical evacuation insurance.

Once the man got his medical evacuation and was sent to Chile, we sent ourselves to where newly Gentoo penguins were being fed, in the Island of Ardley. The parent penguin puts the chick?s head into his mouth cautiously to leave a slimy strand connecting their beaks as she regurgitates a snack of krill unto the young one?s mouth.

Top Three Advantages of Pork Packaging Machines

Advancements in technology have led so many improvements in the packaging industry such as the development of automatic food packaging machines. We all know that food packaging plays a very important role in human survival since it concerns about one of the most basic needs of human which is food.  Packaging of foods prohibits chemical and physical damages that can cause harmful effects to consumers. The improvements and enhancements of any food packaging machines like poultry and pork packaging machines provide various advantages to the food manufacturers and also to consumers. In the early days, food manufacturers who are into the packaging industry use manual food packaging machines which could be very time consuming. Other than that, manual labor could affect packaging reliability. This is why the strongest point of automatic food packaging machines is the high percentage of its reliability.

For food manufacturer’s, reliability is a very big thing because it’s the one that keeps the business going. High percentage of reliability simply means successful business. When it comes to consumers, the top three advantages of pork and poultry packaging machines are:

Safety – quality packaging means that it’s free from any physical and chemical damages.  Most automatic pork and poultry packaging machines have the application of modified atmosphere packaging technology that helps in prolonging shelf life of foods. It prevents the growth of bacteria and other aerobic microorganisms such as mold that results to spoilage. Modified atmosphere packaging technology ensures that each food product is free from any microbial contamination which could prevent any harmful effects to human health.
Freshness – poultry and pork packaging machines with the latest packaging system such as modified atmosphere packaging also ensures freshness because of how the food are being preserved. There are no chemical preservatives used since the system is only using natural atmospheric gases such as Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon dioxide to retain the natural freshness of the products especially meat and vegetables.
Convenience – the packaging output of pork and poultry packaging machines are very good since it’s almost 99.99 percent error free because every mechanism used is automatic, it’s being governed by an embedded computer program.

The development of automatic packaging machines in today’s century has offered great advantages to all and it has also significantly solved the demand-supply issue before since poultry and pork packaging machines can produce enough package output in a short period of time.

Understanding Frozen Shoulder Pain

The risk of having a frozen shoulder is becoming more common with each passing day. The bad news, however, is that the main cause of the problem is not yet known. The good news, on the other hand, is that the problem can be treated and the pain dealt with. Nonetheless, to achieve the best results you should not rely on your own diagnosis of the problem but should seek professional support in order to get the best care. The first step in handling the frozen shoulder pain lies in proper understanding.

Frozen shoulder is a syndrome that is quite painful and associated with the shoulder just as the name depicts. The problem is often characterized with severe pain, and stiffness with almost any movement. The arm becomes immovable in practically any direction partly because of the pain and partly because of the immobility of the shoulder. This condition can be quit distressing especially when considering the fact that the primary causes are unknown to man. The problem can result from practically anything that causes stress to the joint.

Different things happen in the frozen shoulder. The first thing that happens is the contraction of the shoulder joint. This leads to an increase in friction that leads to the scarring of the surrounding tissues which results in pain emanating. The symptoms of the frozen shoulder are all related to pain. They include deep pain at night and when waking, inability to lie in the side of the injured shoulder and restricted arm movement especially from the shoulder. However, it is important to understand that some of these symptoms can easily be confused for other illnesses or injuries. This is one of the reasons that it is important to seek professional help.  If unattended to, the frozen shoulder pain can needlessly last for months. You also need to understand that the problem can result from an underlying disease.

There are several things that you can do to manage the frozen shoulder. The Internet will provide you with tons of information that you can turn to in learning more about frozen shoulder pain management. The problem is that most of the information will lead to more problems than helping. If you have to learn of the tips and tricks of handling the problem, you should consider seeking help from a reputable source. Either way, consulting an expert is always the best path to take.

So, how long does it last? There are basically four phases to the frozen shoulder problem. However, in the absence of proper treatment, the problem can last for up to thirty months or longer. The four phases of the frozen shoulder are Pre-freezing, freezing, frozen and thawing. Pre-freezing is a condition that can last up to four weeks. Freezing is the main deal and can take one to eight months depending on treatment. And frozen is the severe stage that starts from nine months to sixteen. Depending on the phase you are in, different treatment to the frozen shoulder pain will be administered. It is always a great idea to seek help in the initial stages.

Invest in Brazil Meat Industry

The Brazil meat industry exports approximate one million tons of beef products, which accounts for 32% of world beef exports. The government of Brazil has taken concrete steps to eradicate Foot-and-mouth disease from its source, and donates technology and vaccinations in a giant project that aims to clear the South American continent of FMD within a period of seven years. In fact, the results are already being seen as the World Health Organization has announced Brazil to be free from FMD in the year 2008.

The expansion of cattle breeding has recorded a significant growth. The Brazilian meat quality attributed to good health of swine, cattle and poultry has resulted in a growing demand for Brazilian meat products. The production of animal meat (cattle, poultry, and swine) has increased from 7.42 million tons in 1990 to 18.36 million tons in 2003, which is growth of over 147%. This has resulted in an increase of meat exports of over 31% in comparison to 2002.  To ensure the continuous growth and high standards in products and byproducts, the production has adopted a tracking program and certification of meat products.

Brazil meat products are in great demand in markets such as the European Union, Japan, Argentina, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Russia and many other countries.  The veterinarian committee considers Brazil as a region with negligible risk regarding occurrence of mad-cow disease. Brazil is also free from classic swine pest and aviary poultry influenza diseases. Brazil is known to have the largest commercial cattle herd in the world.

Facts about Meat Exports:


Brazil’s volume sales have already reached 1.4 billion tons in heads, which has made Brazil the world leader in the field of cattle herd exports. These meat sector earnings have already surpassed US $ 1.5 billion.


Brazil is also the second-largest poultry meat producer, exporting over 1.9 million tons of poultry meat in a year. The export of poultry meat accounts for an income of US$ 1.8 billion. Brazil has registered significant growth in poultry breeding in recent years. The Brazilian poultry production crossed 7.87 million tons in the year 2003, which is a 234% increase from 2.35 million tons in 1990.  It is estimated that the poultry meat industry grows at 16.7 % per year.  Brazil exports poultry to 122 countries on continents such as Africa, Middle East, Europe and Russia. The sector projects a significant increase in volume of exports in coming years.


Brazil is ranked the fourth largest producer of swine meat and one of the most competitive and modern industries in the world.  Brazilian swine production meat has already crossed 2.87 million tons and exports have already touched US$ 526 million.

Out of all the meat produced by Brazil’s meat industry, the country’s population consumes approximate 72%. The Animal Breeding is further diversified into leather and dairy products, which also shows high growth potential. Brazil domestic consumption is on rise as there is demand for meat from low socio-economic groups in Brazil.

There are various Brazil investment opportunities in animal breeding sector.  The rise in commercial animal breeding will lead to demand for animal feed and feed additives. With growth in population having disposable income, the demand for meat products will substantially rise. The government encourages foreign investment and multinationals to invest in development of integrated supply chains that link to commodity production and distribution.

Liaoning Meat Next Year To A Maximum Fine Of 100 Thousand Yuan Injection

“Meat and poultry regulations of Liaoning Province” by the provincial Standing Committee, will next year go into effect April 1. “Ordinance” states: pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens slaughtered all the implementation of targeted, focused and Quarantine, the maximum penalty 100 thousand yuan injection meat.

“Eating livestock and chicken, the most worried about?” I recently interviewed a number of random street in Shenyang Shenyang, the people who have expressed a fear of water flooding of meat, second, fear of dead meat, and most worried about the health and safety of meat . Another 5 months, the public must have no such worry. “Meat and poultry regulations of Liaoning Province” (“the Ordinance”) through the Provincial Standing Committee, will next year go into effect April 1. “Regulations”: pigs, cattle, sheep, chicken slaughtering be implemented, centralized quarantine, the maximum penalty 100 thousand yuan injection meat.

All livestock and poultry slaughtering pigs addition, the cattle and sheep meat production and consumption in the province is also relatively large amount of livestock and poultry products. The State Council, “pig slaughtering regulations” promulgated and implemented since 1997, despite the Situlanzai and the manufacture and sale of pig disease, water meat, bad meat and other illegal activities severely dealt with, as there is no province-wide implementation of the cattle and sheep, chicken slaughtering, its management has no legal basis, there Situlanzai phenomena, water table meat and other phenomena on the residents there are still occurrences.

April 1, 2010 after the cattle and sheep slaughtering poultry are included in the scope of the implementation of centralized quarantine. In addition to individuals in rural areas and urban residents from the slaughtered animal from eating outside, without a fixed point, no unit or individual shall not engage in livestock and poultry slaughtering activities. If not designated to be slaughtered animal, its behavior on an offense subject to appropriate financial penalties and even criminal sanctions.

How to set the fixed point of slaughter and processing? Slaughter plant location must be away from drinking water and surface water protection areas, residential areas, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, shopping malls and other public places, and shall not affect the location of the living and activities in public places.

People eating meat in a slaughter plant, if there were no problems, future problems can be traced back to the source. Slaughtering plants faithfully record the source of their slaughtered livestock and product flow, record keeping of not less than two years. Quality of meat inspection record keeping and shall not be less than two years, consumer activists such provisions provide a legal basis. Illegal slaughtering activities in the value of livestock category is difficult to determine the amount, the maximum penalties for 200,000 yuan on the unit, the maximum penalties for 10,000 yuan to individuals.

Shuttle transportation to recall protect their own interests, the future consumers of meat products, there must be spotted and the certificate of inspection and quarantine symbol. The future can not be any means of transportation used to transport the meat product. Must meet the requirements of the special closed national health delivery systems. To prevent meat contamination, the transport of small livestock and poultry slaughtering of livestock and poultry products point of operation shall not be open. Failure to sell or appearance of the animal products, to frozen or chilled.

Future meat products recall system will be implemented. Meat quality inspection or inspection without unqualified products, not the factory, the point. If it is found unsafe meat products, slaughterhouses to immediately stop production, to the public the information, notify the seller to stop selling, inform consumers stop using recalled products already on the market. Livestock and poultry slaughtering plant on the recalled products, harmless treatment must be taken to prevent re-enter the market.

The maximum penalties for 100,000 yuan injection of meat to the meat filling, consumers hate. The future of the livestock and poultry, poultry products injected water or other substances, not only to confiscate the illegal gains, the value should be 3 to 5 times the amount of fine, individual to office more than 20,000 yuan 10,000 yuan fine. On livestock and livestock products category injected water or other substances is difficult to determine the value of the amount, or other units of the slaughtering plant a maximum fine of 100,000 yuan; personal maximum fine of 30,000 yuan. More acts constitute a crime should be investigated for criminal liability.

Causes Of Frozen Shoulder

There are many common causes shoulder pain. It is important to make a correct diagnosis of the cause of the symptoms so that suitable treatment can be directed at the cause.

What causes frozen shoulder?

Frozen Shoulder is also known as ‘adhesive capsuliitis,’ this is a common condition that leads to rigidity of the joint. Quite often, frozen shoulder occurs with no associated injury or perceptible cause. There are patients who develop a frozen shoulder after a shocking injury to the shoulder, but this is not the usual cause. Some risk factors for developing a frozen shoulder include:

•Gender & Age
Going by the statistics frozen shoulder most commonly affects patients between the ages of 40 to 60 years old, and it is twice as common in women as in men.

•Endocrine Disorders
Diabetics are more prone to frozen shoulder, other endocrine abnormalities, such as thyroid problems, can also lead to this condition.

•Shoulder Surgery or Trauma
Patients who receive a shoulder injury, or undergo surgery on the shoulder tend to develop a frozen shoulder joint. When injury or surgery is followed by prolonged joint immobilization, the risk of developing a frozen shoulder is the highest.

•Other Systemic Conditions
Several systemic conditions such as heart disease and Parkinson’s disease are also associated with an increased risk for developing a frozen shoulder.

What happens with a frozen shoulder?

There is no direct answer to why some people develop a frozen shoulder. For some unknown reason, the shoulder joint becomes stiff and scarred. The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint the ball is the top of the arm bone (the humeral head), and the socket is part of the shoulder blade (the glenoid). Surrounding this ball-and-socket joint is a capsule of tissue that envelops the joint.

In general, the shoulder joint allows more motion than any other joint in the body. When a patient develops a frozen shoulder, the capsule that surrounds the shoulder joint becomes contracted. The patients form bands of scar tissue called adhesions. The narrowing of the capsule and the formation of the adhesions cause the frozen shoulder to become stiff and cause movement to become painful.

When to see a doctor for shoulder pain? You should see a doctor if you are not sure about the cause of the shoulder pain, or if you are undergoing any treatment this might be a side effect which if not taken care of might lead to higher risks.

What are the treatments for shoulder pain?

The treatment of shoulder pain varies according to the root cause of the problem. Therefore, it is of prime importance that you and your doctor identify the cause of your symptoms before starting on a treatment program. If you are unsure of your diagnosis, or the severity of your condition, you should seek medical advice before beginning any treatment.


•Resting: At times resting helps you get rid of any shoulder pain that you might have acquired due to over-work or exhaustion.

•Application of Ice and Heat: Ice packs and heat pads are some of the popularly used treatments for shoulder pain

If you or any of your loved one is experiencing any shoulder related problem visit

Party Catering Dublin: Dietary Requirements

Caterers are able to create a delicious menu for any special event that you may be holding. They can design the whole menu for you, or you can choose to be involved in the process and select some of the dishes and drinks that you would like them to serve. When you are catering for a large event you will also need to ensure that you cater for people with special dietary requirements and needs. This article takes a look at some of the most common diet types and what they involve.


Vegetarians are people who do not eat any meat or fish. This includes all read meat, seafood, poultry and all types of fish. If you are catering for vegetarians then you will need to be very careful about your ingredients as meat can often be hidden in products you would’ve never have thought were not vegetarian. For example many cheeses, particularly parmesan cheese, are made using rennet which is made from an animal’s stomach lining. Gelatin is also made from animal by products. There are vegetarian alternatives available.


Vegans do not eat any animal products or by-products, nor do they wear any animal skins. Vegans will not eat milk, cheese, yoghurt, honey or eggs. They will not wear suede or leather items. Many people choose to become vegan out of respect for the animals, while others choose it as a healthy lifestyle choice. Some famous vegans include Bill Clinton, Pamela Anderson and Bryan Adams.

Gluten Free

A gluten free diet is one where a person refrains from eating gluten. Gluten is a type of protein which is commonly found in many wheat products such as barley and rye.

Where to Find  party catering dublin

The best place to search for a catering company is online. All major caterers will have a website where you will be able to view more information on the different services that they offer. Some stores will even allow you to sample some of the food that they have prepared so that you can make sure that it is up to your standards.Vegans do not eat any animal products or by-products, nor do they wear any animal skins. Vegans will not eat milk, cheese, yoghurt, honey or eggs.