Where Can I Get Or Buy Nutrisystem Frozen Meals? How Much Do They Cost?

I often hear from people who want to know if nutrisystem’s meals are frozen. I think the reason for this reoccurring question is that frozen meals are often appealing and preferable in terms of taste and convenience. And, many people who ask this question have often already checked their grocery store’s frozen food aisles and come up empty. Because of this, many assume that the diet doesn’t offer frozen options.

Actually, nutrisystem does offer both frozen and non frozen meals. Many of the diet’s basic packages, including the women’s and mens’ regular lines, (as well as the vegetarian and silver options) offer foods that are “soft canned.” The packaging looks somewhat like the foods are frozen, but they aren’t. The food doesn’t need a freezer to stay fresh. People often tell me that they aren’t familiar with foods stored in this way, but they’re often wrong about this. If you’ve ever eaten canned peaches, then you have eaten “soft canned” foods.

The big advantage to this, of course, is that the food requires less room to store and no special requirements to stay fresh. You don’t have to worry about it defrosting or spoiling. I don’t find it to taste odd or any different than you would expect. In fact, I find the foods on this diet to be among the tastiest diet food I’ve tried. Not many diets offer you cake, ravioli, pretzels, and pizza.

Nutrisystem Frozen Food Line: But, for people who really want frozen meals, there is a nutrisystem package that provides this. It’s called the select line and, in addition to some of the regular foods, it offer frozen options for all of your meals. For example, for breakfast there is frozen french toast and omelets, to name a few examples. For lunch, there are wraps and paninis. And for dinner, there is glazed turkey and shrimp. There are also some nice dessert options on the select line like ice cream sandwiches and popsicles.

Where Can You Buy Nutrisystem Frozen Foods Or Meals?: As to where you can purchase or buy the nutrisystem frozen meals, you won’t find them in grocery or health food stores. In fact, they aren’t in stores at all. People often ask me how it’s possible for the company to deliver frozen meals without them defrosting in the process. The way that they do is that the select meals are delivered to you by Schwan’s. You may have seen the yellow Schwan’s trucks delivering frozen meals of all kinds in your neighborhood.

Cost Of Nutrisystem Frozen Meals: The select line is a bit more expensive (usually around $ 360 for the month) than the other basic package but many people tell me that they believe the taste and convenience make this worth it. And, since it is a package, you can use the good coupons with it.

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Get the best frozen seafood from reliable suppliers at attractive rates

Today, there are many cases in top restaurants and other food outlets for using counterfeit seafood in meal instead of using the original one. It is a big shock for consumers as well as for the top class frozen seafood suppliers. If you are a restaurant owner, you can stay out of such practice by purchasing only the quality seafood from reliable suppliers. There are many reliable distributors and suppliers that offer frozen shrimps, fishes and other marine food to top quality. The entire products are available at reasonable prices.

The companies are offering both Freshwater shrimp and seawater shrimp in frozen packs. They maintain good quality packing and food processing to retain the taste of freshness in the frozen items.  The majority of shrimp imported in different parts of the world from these reliable suppliers retain freshness, taste and health factors. Don’t confuse with the appearance of inferior quality shrimps of unreliable companies.

Varieties of shrimps of the leading suppliers include Black Tiger Shrimp, Vannamei White Shrimps, brown shrimp, royal red shrimp and many more. Prepare mouth watering cuisines and snacks by using the top class products in your home or restaurant.

The unlimited supplies of Seafood mix food are getting very popular all over the world. The quality, taste and other excellent services have made them the best service providers. The professionals are able to meet the demands of customers on time. Hence, they are first choice of most importers, retailers, food service distributors and reputed restaurant owners who are aware of counterfeit seafood products.

They are also top suppliers of Thailand seafood including Thai aqua-cultured shrimps, fishes and other marine products of Thailand. The seafood is liked and loved by most seafood lovers. Hence, the companies have become the most reliable importers and distributors of Thailand marine products in the world.

They are not only dealing in seafood, recently they have started distribution of quality poultry and meat items. The premium quality food items come from different parts of the world. The service providers have years of experience in this industry. Hence, they can fit the needs of different kind of customers. Some of them offer online purchasing and shipping facilities at economical rates. Enjoy the convenient facilities for hassle free purchasing.  Get the best products at your doorstep on time. They ensure the highest quality frozen seafood and meat items. Providing utmost customer satisfying services and quality products is their main goal. So enjoy tasty, hygienic and fresh like seafood anytime you want.

How Can We Thaw the Frozen Meat Healthily and Safely

In order to facilitate eating at any time, the freezer of each refrigerator has some meat, fish food more or less. However, some people do not know the thawing method of frozen food, so they often put the frozen food in hot water to soak, and think this can speed up the thawing, and then they can immediately cook it. What is the hazard of doing so? Common sense tells us that when the frozen food is thawed quickly, the thawed food will often generate a propanal material, which kind of material can cause cancer.

Moreover, healthy experts point out that the correct way is to take out the frozen food from the fridge in advance, and let indoor temperature naturally thaws the frozen food and then cook it, or you can use cold water to thaw it; or you can put the frozen food in the refrigerating chamber to thaw, and then cook, which not only won’t destroy the nutrients of frozen food, but also cannot damage the body health.

In fact, as for the rapid thawing meat, you can put the frozen food in the salt water to thaw, which can greatly shorten the thawing time and still can keep the fresh meat. However, you need to pay attention to not using boiled water to thaw the meat, fish in the freezer in the refrigerator. When we eat the frozen food, some people may put them in the room temperature to thaw; some people are impatient with hot water to soak, and immediately cook, this is the wrong approach. When meat is rapidly thawed, it often causes harmful substances, so we should use them after being placed indoor for several hours.

Furthermore, frozen meat must be thawed with cold water. When we use the frozen fish, frozen meat, and other livestock in the freezer, some people will use hot water to soak them and then use, in fact, this method is not scientific. Scientific thawing method is to soak the frozen fish, livestock and poultry meat and other frozen food in cold water between 4℃ to 8 ℃, so that make it naturally thaw. This is because during the frozen process, the intracellular fluid and extracellular fluid of the meat food rapidly froze into ice, and form the crystal in the middle of meat fiber and cell. This kind of juice of crystal is a kind of the most value of protein and delicious substance. So, frozen meat must be used cold water to thaw or make it slowly dissolve naturally.

Poultry and Corn Price Hikes Showcase the Need for Affordable Animal Feed

The month of May has proved trying for large chicken producers as several major companies have encountered significant losses due to an influx in the cost of corn.

According to the Wall Street Journal on May 9th, 2011, the price of chicken feed has surged while the price of chicken has stayed fairly steady; therefore instilling a gap between the cost of feeding chickens and the price paid for the chickens when they are sold to factories.  The cost of chicken has risen a mere 3.7% compared to the cost of beef which has risen nearly 20% since last summer.

Companies like Tyson and Pilgrim’s Pride have announced big first quarter losses due in part to the rising corn costs—a prominent feed ingredient—causing many companies to look elsewhere for animal feed ingredients. However, the influx in the cost of corn is not the only factor driving the increased cost of animal feed ingredients. The rising prices of gasoline also play a significant role.

“We typically get an uptick after Easter, but demand has been sluggish, probably due to the bad weather experienced in much of the country,” said Chief Executive Donnie Smith, during a conference call as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Tyson announced that many of their usual customers have cut back due to several reasons, one being the inclement weather, the other being the spike in gasoline prices. The influx in the price of gasoline has cut into customer’s budgets, forcing a cut back in their purchase of meat products. However, Tyson isn’t the only company struggling to keep their heads above water.

Pilgrim’s Pride, a duck manufacturing company with two plants stationed in Alabama, has suffered significant losses due to the devastating tornadoes that ravaged the south just a few weeks ago. Pilgrim’s Pride lost power for several days at two of their Alabama plants due to tornadoes.  Luckily, though, the plant damage was not as widespread as other companies throughout the southeast. But Pilgrim’s Pride and other chicken, duck and beef manufacturers have a bigger problem than just high feed prices and inclement weather—diversification.

When a company specializes in one specific type of production such as chicken or beef, and that market is waning, the whole company suffers. However companies like Tyson, who specialize in chicken but also dabble in other meat products, can focus on avenues other than chicken to help combat the increase in price and decrease in consumer spending. But it isn’t just US companies that are suffering. Foreign countries suffer as well.

Countries such as Asia and China are suffering from a spike in the price of wheat and rice, as inclement weather has affected their production as well. With the spike in staple grains affecting countries across the globe and the price of corn and gasoline surging, some companies are looking for other sources of animal and poultry feed.

Feed ingredient companies specialize in diverse selections of animal proteins and animal feeds that are not corn or chicken based. Varieties of other feed selections available include, but aren’t limited to, Meat & Bone Meal, Marine Feed, Aquaculture Feed and Feathermeal. Before settling for the more expensive option for your animal and poultry feed, consider other available options. Visit feed ingredient company websites and see what non-corn or non-chicken options they have to offer.

Frozen Convenience Foods in the U.S. | Market Research Report

Marketers of frozen convenience food have found themselves caught between a rock and a hard place during the economic downturn. Though fresh convenience food has gained through positioning that casts it as a less expensive alternative to restaurant food during a time of recession, frozen convenience food is frequently viewed as a more expensive, less fresh alternative to cooking from scratch at home. The frozen food categories that have been able to grow substantially in this environment are therefore the ones that have been able to elude this paradigm. 

Specifically, the mammoth frozen pizza category and the spunky hand-held breakfast category have both found a way to go head-to-head with restaurants; and the prepared vegetable category has been able to triumph on the freshness front via the development of steaming techniques. According to Packaged Facts, these three categories have led the way sales-wise, enabling an otherwise ambivalent market for frozen convenience foods to grow by a modest 2.0% in 2010 to reach sales of $ 16.8 billion. Packaged Facts expects that marketers in other categories will soon adopt similar strategies, driving sales of fresh convenience foods up another 10% by 2015, to $ 18.6 billion. 

Fully updated from the 2007 edition, Frozen Convenience Foods in the U.S. offers a comprehensive look at this complex market in the context of how it competes with the parallel fresh convenience food market, restaurant takeout, and meals prepared from scratch by consumers. It contains in-depth analysis of Internet marketing, including detailed accounts of marketing on social networking sites like Facebook. The report also details the complex changes that have taken place in the market since the previous edition, with new attention to competition by retail sector, including supermarkets, supercenters/mass merchandisers, warehouse clubs, small marts and Internet. 

Using Symphony IRI mass-market sales tracking data, the report offers detailed accounts of sales and marketer/brand activity across nine product categories: Single-Serve Dinners/Entrees, Pizza, Hand-Held Non-Breakfast Entrees, Multi-Serve Dinners/Entrees, Appetizers/Snack Rolls, Hand-Held Breakfast Entrees, Breakfast Entrees, Prepared Vegetables, and Pot Pies. Relying largely on Product Launch Analytics, the report also examines new product and marketing trends industry-wide. A special feature of this report is custom survey data by Packaged Facts specifically addressing consumer purchasing of frozen prepared foods, including vis-à-vis the down economy, restaurant dining and takeout, and fresh convenience food. Additional demographic, psychographic, and product penetration analysis derives from consumer data compiled by Experian Simmons, New York, NY.

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How to Choose the Right Poultry Coops Plans

Are you looking for chicken houses plans that help a person enhance your farm? Or even are you the average resident seeking an ongoing food, without spending lots of money? If you answered indeed to either of these 2 questions, chances are that discovering chicken coops styles can help you achieve your own goals.Before you examine chicken coop plans, however, it’s important to look at a few things. Before you decide to do anything, you will need to measure the needs of your hens and develop style tweaks that will help support them. Of course, within doing so, you will also may need to look at your yard and find out how much space you’ve. Once you’ve established this particular, you will need to look at various sized design ideas, comparing their dimensions to the space available for you.

Another thing to think about is regardless of whether you can afford the materials required to build chicken houses plans you have discovered. Also, think about just how much you are willing to invest in a design strategy, if you do decide to purchase 1. Many plans start from $ 6.00. However, their own accompanying Less expensive style plans are often within black and white. And while they might be equally as good because colored design ideas, the colored plans provide you with a better idea of the way the finished product will appear. They also give you suggestions for enhancing the feel of your chicken coop.Heightened easy chicken coop plans provide you with both coloured pictures and monochrome sketches that lead a person step-by-step through the building procedure. Some even provide particulars and suggestions for additional amenities you may desire to add. You may also wish to look into any other supplies you may need to build a practical and proficient hen house.

There are a few websites which will provide both indoor and outdoor photos of chicken houses. These pictures could also feature weather conditions to exhibit how designs squeeze into different climates. For instance, if you live in a chilly climate,you may prefer to install some insulating material in your coop, this helps your chickens remain warm, thus enhancing their overall efficiency as well as meat high quality. In selecting poultry chicken coop designs plans, make sure to take a few points into consideration.When selecting poultry coops plans which meet your needs, be sure to study different plans very carefully, taking into consideration the size of your own coop, how much you’re willing to spend, as well as ultimately, which house is best for you.

Frozen Smartphone?

Just how bad is the winter cold for your Smartphone? First of all, lithium ion batteries dont like extreme temperatures, either hot or cold. Verizon Wireless recommends you keep your battery fully charged in case of emergency.

Frozen Smartphone?

Cold temperatures can run down the phones battery charge more quickly, according to Verizon Wireless. Use a car charger to keep the phones charge if you get stranded or stuck in traffic on icy or snowy roads. Think about an extra battery as backup. That being said, a great place to buy an spare battery or car charger inexpensively is batteries4less.com, where they have a full 1 Year Warranty on all products sold.

Touchscreens can become brittle in extreme cold. One suggestion by Samantha Murphy, TechNewsDaily, is that mobile devices should be kept in an inside jacket pocket, using your body heat to keep them warm. If you have tried to use your touchscreen phone outside in the chilly weather, you have discovered that wearing gloves doesnt work. There are gloves especially made with removable fingertip covers. The finger flaps fold back and either Velcro or button back while you use your fingertips. These work well for texting or sliding the touchscreen to select apps. Another invention are small discs called Digits, which you pin to your glove fingers so you can tap away at your touchscreen without removing the gloves. Digits are mini-pins made of conductive silicone, with a metal pin on the back for attaching to your glove and can be purchased for as little as $ 13.99 for a four-pack. In Korea they have come up with another solution. (It is verrrry cold in the winter in Korea.) They apparently use frozen sausages as fingers to tap their touchscreens. Somehow this seems like a greasy way to go.

The nose knows. There is a new app out there called NoseDial, which lets you dial your iPhone with your nose. It even has adjustable sized screen keys so you can match your nose size. And all this for just 99 cents. Say what? I keep picturing a cold, red runny nose, and shudder.

Be creative. Knit a little cell phone cozy. Apparently it is all the rage at colleges, where they even knit the initial of their school on the front. You can find a little cell phone cozy pattern at Gritty Knits. Have you found it difficult to use your Smartphone in cold weather? Do you have a creative idea for keeping your cell phone safe and warm?

Learn Great Tips About Poultry Incubators To Help Your Business Blossom

If you are into the business of hatching eggs, then finding a great poultry incubator should be first on your to-do list. This will be the best instrument that will help you succeed and bloom in the egg-hatching business.

There are a lot of factors to consider when you have your sights on poultry incubators. If you are just starting out, or want to start out, then you can use this article to gain great tips on knowing what you need to look for when choosing an incubator that can help your business.

There are many factors that help lead to the perfect hatch. Hatching eggs is not as easy and simple as one may think. Producers need to continually monitor and maintain the temperature, humidity, cleanliness, ventilation, and turning of their eggs. The best conditions need to be met in order for healthy and well-developed chicks to hatch.

Before jumping on to looking at a poultry incubator, let me share a few tips. You wont go far with a great piece of equipment if you dont know how to choose eggs to hatch. First off, dont go for too large or too small eggs. Always choose the regular-sized, based on the type of rooster and hen that mated to create the egg. Dont waste your time on eggs with hairline cracks or thinning shells. These eggs are at risk for bacterial invasion, which can lead to retardation of growth for the embryo.

Now that you know how to spot good and bad eggs to hatch, lets move forward with your hatching business by learning tips you need to know about a poultry incubator.

1.)Electric controls are better!

Electronically-controlled incubators offer accuracy when controlling the temperature and other variables required for hatching eggs. You wont have to worry about checking the thermostat every now and then when you can get a digital reading and adjust it as appropriate with a few clicks of a button. Lesser fluctuations in temperature mean better results!

2.)Choose one with a fan.

These kinds of incubators are called Forced-Air incubators. They are great since a fan can help control the consistency of temperature and prevent fluctuation. It also assures adequate ventilation for the eggs for better health and viability. Eggs do need oxygen! Oxygen enters the encapsulated egg through the shell and is used to perform developmental requirements. The waste, carbon dioxide, is eliminated through the shell too.

3.)Choose easy-to-clean incubators.

Eggs with hairline cracks that you may not be able to notice will be susceptible to infection, especially in a dirty environment. Infection leads to retardation of growth for the growing embryo, which is why getting easy-to-clean incubators is a good decision. There are many incubators these days that come with Styrofoam trays. While they may look appealing and clean fresh off the market, they wont always stay that way the longer you use your incubator and it wont be that easy to clean.

Use these guiding tips to help you pick the best poultry incubator and help your business bloom!

Practical Poultry Farm Business Performance Calculations


In this article, I share VERY practical, real world relevant tips about performance measures you can compute daily, weekly, monthly and at the end of year to accurately determine at every stage whether your poultry farm business is operating optimally.

These performance indices are NOT aggregate measures. In other words, they are NOT measured in monetary terms. Instead they have NO units, being ratios, usage rates and percentages that help to (a) establish a normal trend of your farms’ behaviour (b) quickly identify/detect departures from that trend, so that you can take timely/corrective action.

Note that these measures are tried and tested, and are actually built into a custom spreadsheet software application I built for a client who runs a Twelve thousand (12,000) layer poultry farm business.

You Can Quickly & Easily Compute Performance Indicators To Check Your Farm’s Health

It would interest you to know that this client actually currently does ALL data entry into the software application on his laptop, using filled copies of a custom record keeping form I designed (following a farm visit that involved a review of existing/needed records) for use by the farm staff DAILY.

He once shared with me how he detected some anomalies in data recorded by the supervisor, by using the automatically computed performance indices in the software.

The point being made here is that KNOWING the performance measures you can calculate to CHECK how well your farm is doing in terms of OPERATIONS and FINANCES, is crucial.

You can do it yourself, as the calculations are actually simple and easy to use. However, when you manage a large (or growing) farm enterprise, you may get to a point where it would be more value adding, if you saved yourself the hassle of having to do such computations manually.

Instead, you can automate their computation(using custom software like mine), and spend your time doing more intelligent managing of your farm business by studying the trends in your performance indices over time, so as to take timely/effect decisions that lead to overall profitability.

Here are three (3) VERY useful Poultry Farm Business performance measures you should know and use regularly:

1. Mortality Rate (%)

In the course of the laying cycle for a batch of birds on a poultry farm, there will be deaths or losses that occur for a variety of reasons. Could be disease outbreak, fire, predators etc. What is important is that measures be put in place to prevent a re-occurrence.

Then accurate documentation of such losses needs to be done, with needed stock records adjustments being made.

There is NO farm that will not have mortalities. However, the farm management needs to keep it to a minimum. You will be able to monitor the mortality rate easily by computing it daily. That way, you can detect any changes, taking timely action, so that there are no surprises at the month end!

Incidentally, when you keep track of this index, you will find it easier to reconcile otherwise unexpected drops in eggs production.

To calculate Mortality Rate (%):

Number of birds dead x 100
(Opening Stock + Closing Stock of layers) x 0.5

2. Hen Day Production (%)

Properly documented records of mortalities will aid accurate estimation of Hen Day production – which is the number of eggs produced divided by the total number of laying birds on the farm during the period considered, assuming each bird lays an egg per day.

It is well known that a bird actually takes about 26 hours to lay another egg after a preceding one. This is why we do not expect to set a target of 100% Hen Day production for our flock. It would be reasonable instead to expect that 80 to 90% of the birds will lay eggs each day, so that if our calculations yield results within that range, it would suggest reasonably satisfactory performance.

To calculate Hen Day production (%):

Number of eggs produced x 100
(Opening Stock + Closing Stock of layers) x 0.5

Your Hen Day production will drop in a manner reflective of mortalities recorded, unless you calculate as shown above. Understanding this will help you compare your results with other farms that may not be conscious of this subtle difference.

Note that this calculation method helps you really verify whether or not your birds are getting less productive, as it prevents the losses that occur from making those birds still alive appear to be laying less frequently – something that can make you start worrying or taking otherwise unneeded corrective actions.

3. Feeding Rate (grammes per bird)

Available records from farms and literate all indicate that each laying bird should eat about 100 to 105 grammes daily.

To calculate Feeding rate (grammes per bird):

Total Kilogrammes feed x 1000 x 100
(Opening Stock + Closing Stock of layers) x 0.5

Using the total Kilogrammes converted to grammes) fed to your laying birds to divide the total number of birds managed daily will tell you how well they are feeding; if they are underfeeding or being over fed.

Each condition has its own implications. Underfeeding could lead to poor laying; over feeding translates to waste – and of course higher cost of production, which you definitely want to avoid lest you eat into your profit margins!

By calculating your feeding rate for each battery cage or pen daily, you can quickly check and confirm if the birds are getting the right amount of food needed. It would also help you track your balance stocks of feed, and therefore aid planning for new purchases.


1). To achieve a “weighted” – and therefore more realistic – result, the formulas outlined above use a derived average of the sum of the opening and closing stocks of laying birds, as denominator.

2). If you do NOT have a reliable paper based farm data recording system diligently kept by your competent staff on the farm, you will NOT be able to depend on whatever results you get from computing these performance indices. It would be like it is often said for the computer: Garbage In, Garbage Out (GIGO)!


A lot of people run poultry farm businesses out here. Many plan to start. A number are hoping to borrow money from banks, or friends/relatives to launch theirs. Unfortunately, very FEW – just like their catfish farming counterparts – have ANY knowledge of what it takes to intelligently mange the business data analysis aspects of their ventures.

A sound knowledge of how to measure the operational performance of your farm business is essential for ensuring long term success. The three indices I have discussed above can help you in this regard. Learn to use them.

But that is just ONE side to it. You also need to know how to measure the financial performance of your farm business – and possibly compare it to other farms or even a generic standard.

There are at least three financial performance ratios that can be computed to tell you if your farm business is growing or NOT.

They will tell you if you have done better at the end of this year as against last year or two (2) years before. They will also tell those who invest in your business, (or who want/plan to) how financially strong your farm business is – compared to last year etc.

If you are looking to BUY a farm business, you will want to know how to compute these three (3) ratios, to be sure your investment is worthwhile!

Note that the financial ratios I mention are NOT aggregate measures like the Income Statement (also known as the Profit and Loss report) or the Net worth Statement (aka Balance Sheet). They are measures that are NOT unit based, which make them (like those farm operations measurement indices discussed above) easy to use for comparison.

You can get a special report detailing how to compute these very powerful farm business financial performance ratios from me.

Reserve Refrigerated Trucks and Get Best Frozen Food Transportation Services from Trucking Companies

For safe and secure delivery of goods you can opt for best trucking companies. Trucking companies will provide you different types of transportation in order to transport your goods safely. They deliver perishable and durable products at particular destination. Trucking is very popular form of shipping. Ground transportation is quite cheaper than air and sea shipments. Ground transportation is widely used for different types of shipments. You can get fast deliverance of products with the help of ground transportation.  Several trucking companies are available that provide refrigerated and various other trucks. These trucks are proven to be beneficial to transport different types of food products. For restaurant owners and caterers this is the ideal service. Internet is the good source of information through which you can find trucking companies. Such service providers are accessible online as well. Therefore, searching through online is the best and convenient way.

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Employing a team of well trained and skilled professionals. Their adepts are highly experienced and committed to provide best transportation services in order to maximize customer satisfaction.  You can achieve desired business goals and needs with the help of such trucking service providers. Your every food item or other valuables will be transferred within a shortest period of time. They are one of the major Trucking companies Florida, offers frozen food transportation services.

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