Causes Of Frozen Shoulder

There are many common causes shoulder pain. It is important to make a correct diagnosis of the cause of the symptoms so that suitable treatment can be directed at the cause.

What causes frozen shoulder?

Frozen Shoulder is also known as ‘adhesive capsuliitis,’ this is a common condition that leads to rigidity of the joint. Quite often, frozen shoulder occurs with no associated injury or perceptible cause. There are patients who develop a frozen shoulder after a shocking injury to the shoulder, but this is not the usual cause. Some risk factors for developing a frozen shoulder include:

•Gender & Age
Going by the statistics frozen shoulder most commonly affects patients between the ages of 40 to 60 years old, and it is twice as common in women as in men.

•Endocrine Disorders
Diabetics are more prone to frozen shoulder, other endocrine abnormalities, such as thyroid problems, can also lead to this condition.

•Shoulder Surgery or Trauma
Patients who receive a shoulder injury, or undergo surgery on the shoulder tend to develop a frozen shoulder joint. When injury or surgery is followed by prolonged joint immobilization, the risk of developing a frozen shoulder is the highest.

•Other Systemic Conditions
Several systemic conditions such as heart disease and Parkinson’s disease are also associated with an increased risk for developing a frozen shoulder.

What happens with a frozen shoulder?

There is no direct answer to why some people develop a frozen shoulder. For some unknown reason, the shoulder joint becomes stiff and scarred. The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint the ball is the top of the arm bone (the humeral head), and the socket is part of the shoulder blade (the glenoid). Surrounding this ball-and-socket joint is a capsule of tissue that envelops the joint.

In general, the shoulder joint allows more motion than any other joint in the body. When a patient develops a frozen shoulder, the capsule that surrounds the shoulder joint becomes contracted. The patients form bands of scar tissue called adhesions. The narrowing of the capsule and the formation of the adhesions cause the frozen shoulder to become stiff and cause movement to become painful.

When to see a doctor for shoulder pain? You should see a doctor if you are not sure about the cause of the shoulder pain, or if you are undergoing any treatment this might be a side effect which if not taken care of might lead to higher risks.

What are the treatments for shoulder pain?

The treatment of shoulder pain varies according to the root cause of the problem. Therefore, it is of prime importance that you and your doctor identify the cause of your symptoms before starting on a treatment program. If you are unsure of your diagnosis, or the severity of your condition, you should seek medical advice before beginning any treatment.


•Resting: At times resting helps you get rid of any shoulder pain that you might have acquired due to over-work or exhaustion.

•Application of Ice and Heat: Ice packs and heat pads are some of the popularly used treatments for shoulder pain

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Party Catering Dublin: Dietary Requirements

Caterers are able to create a delicious menu for any special event that you may be holding. They can design the whole menu for you, or you can choose to be involved in the process and select some of the dishes and drinks that you would like them to serve. When you are catering for a large event you will also need to ensure that you cater for people with special dietary requirements and needs. This article takes a look at some of the most common diet types and what they involve.


Vegetarians are people who do not eat any meat or fish. This includes all read meat, seafood, poultry and all types of fish. If you are catering for vegetarians then you will need to be very careful about your ingredients as meat can often be hidden in products you would’ve never have thought were not vegetarian. For example many cheeses, particularly parmesan cheese, are made using rennet which is made from an animal’s stomach lining. Gelatin is also made from animal by products. There are vegetarian alternatives available.


Vegans do not eat any animal products or by-products, nor do they wear any animal skins. Vegans will not eat milk, cheese, yoghurt, honey or eggs. They will not wear suede or leather items. Many people choose to become vegan out of respect for the animals, while others choose it as a healthy lifestyle choice. Some famous vegans include Bill Clinton, Pamela Anderson and Bryan Adams.

Gluten Free

A gluten free diet is one where a person refrains from eating gluten. Gluten is a type of protein which is commonly found in many wheat products such as barley and rye.

Where to Find  party catering dublin

The best place to search for a catering company is online. All major caterers will have a website where you will be able to view more information on the different services that they offer. Some stores will even allow you to sample some of the food that they have prepared so that you can make sure that it is up to your standards.Vegans do not eat any animal products or by-products, nor do they wear any animal skins. Vegans will not eat milk, cheese, yoghurt, honey or eggs.


Frozen Shoulder | Symptoms and Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder can be very painful and can cause immobility to the shoulder joint. The medical term for this is adhesive capsulitis. Inflammation and scarring of the capsule around the shoulder joint can cause frozen shoulder. This scarring is also known as adhesions.

It is important to get a proper diagnosis of frozen shoulder. An injury to the shoulder and arthritis can have the frozen shoulder symptoms. Consulting your physician is the first step to getting the right diagnosis. The physician will begin by manipulating the affected shoulder. If diagnosis is not sure, he will order an X-ray. Then if the X-ray is not clear, an MRI may be done. This is usually done by injecting dye into the affected shoulder to see exactly where the problem is.

Common signs and symptoms

Intense pain in the deltoid region
Pain may radiate down the arm
Pain is worse with shoulder motion (especially external rotation)
Pain is better with rest
Pain is worse at night and often disturbs sleep
May have associated pain in the upper back and neck
Guarded shoulder movements
Difficulty reaching behind the back
Reduced arm swing with walking
Those affected typically hold the arm close against the body
Rounded shoulders and stooped posture
Muscle spasms
Trigger points in the upper trap muscle

During the first treatment, getting her to come onto the table was difficult since I didn’t have a step stool available at the time so I lifted her onto it. The first set of needles that went in the right shoulder was inserted into the local points and ashi points. Then I inserted needles into Zu San Li (ST-36), San Yin Jiao (SP-6), and Rang Gu (KID-2) for the qi and yin vacuity that was related to her Parkinson’s. Next I used direct moxibustion on Qi Hai (CV-6) to help treat her fatigue using three cones.

Also I manipulated the needles by hand using the reduction method to release the stagnated proteins her right shoulder and using the supplementation method to address the metabolic vacuities. After thirty minutes of needle retention and manipulation, I took out the needles and used pole moxibustion over her right shoulder. However, I used it in a way that was only taught to me by one my big influencing teachers. I took a paper towel, draped it over the right shoulder (the deltoid), and started tapping the lit end of the moxa pole onto the paper towel. This technique (which is not taught in TCM schools in the US) is much more powerful because the heat from the moxa penetrates deep to the tissues. The last part of the treatment involved tui na (medical massage) onto the shoulder.

This approach I used was the same approach I used in the other treatments that followed with a few modifications such as needle-head moxa over the right shoulder. After her first session was over, Mrs. Patel felt like her vitality had returned back. We continued treatment four more times. After she left my office after our first session with her niece, I noticed that Mrs. Patel was no longer walking like a frail, ill woman. She was walking like a twenty year old.

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I was worried thinking that the next time I’d see her she would be back to square one. However, when she came for her second session, she was walking the same way as she did after her first session. She did feel some level of trepidation walking up and down a flight of stairs. Despite that, she was still walking smoothly. After our last session together on August 21st, Mrs. Patel’s could now lift her right arm to a one-hundred and twenty degree angle. That showed tremendous amount of improvement than when I saw her for her first session. Unfortunately, with the constraints of time, we couldn’t see each other anymore since she had to leave for London the next day. Before Mrs. Patel left, I gave her the name of an acupuncturist and a herbalist in London.

Environment Friendly Direct Contact Heaters with Low NOx Emission

Industrial plants use a lot of production equipment like boilers and heaters. It is important to maintain water heaters and boilers because they power almost the entire production line. Improper management of equipment may lead to halt in production and loss in profits.

Heaters were developed in 1868 by the English painter Benjamin Maughan. It was the first domestic water heater that did not rely on solid fuel. Known as “the geyser”, from the Icelandic verb geysa that means “to gush”, it had a burner at the bottom which heated cold water on top. This invention influenced Edwin Ruud, a Norwegian mechanical engineer, to create the first automatic storage tank-type water heater in 1889.

Boilers and heaters are different systems but are somewhat correlated. Boilers are closed vessel devices used to create steam through application of heat to water; the heated or vaporized fluid is then used for various mechanisms and heating applications. Direct contact heaters work in the same way as boilers, but they only heat water and do not produce any steam.

Water heaters are used in industries such as meat and poultry processing, food processing and dairies, beverages, laundries, paper plants, automotive industry, and glass manufacture.

These industries consume copious amounts of energy to heat water that is then used to warm bottles, wash clothes or steam cans; essentially, these processes produce a lot of waste water normally disposed of after use. This led to the development of sustainable solutions and technologies by which companies can use resources more efficiently.

For instance, a sustainable industrial hot water heater uses clean burning natural gas which is energy efficient. Companies spend less for fuel by using natural gas, thereby increasing profits and lowering their expenditure. In addition, they can manage heat more efficiently without having to build costly chimneys, resulting in savings of between 40-60% in water heating costs.

In addition, these water heaters reduce downtime and maintenance issues because the heater is not overworked and is made from high grade materials. Alternatively, manufacturing plants can use a low NOx water heater that helps reduce nitrogen-oxides, a known air pollutant. This type of heater generates energy from waste water, which makes it a sustainable and environmentally viable alternative.

Direct contact water heaters produces less carbon emission, increase efficiency, and require less maintenance. They also reduce a company’s carbon footprint by minimizing nitrate-oxide release while providing effective heating systems. You can read more about direct contact water heaters at or

Fuel from Chicken Feathers?

Fuel from Chicken Feathers?

If we go by the stats, every year 11 billion pounds of poultry industry waste accumulates annually, because we have gigantic appetite for poultry products. They can’t be stuffed into pillows. Mostly they are utilized as low-grade animal feed. Scientists in Nevada have created a new and environmentally dell inspiron 15 battery friendly process for developing biodiesel fuel from ‘chicken feather meal’. Professor Manoranjan ‘Mano’ Misra and his team members at the University of Nevada discovered that chicken feather meal consists of processed chicken feathers, blood, and innards. Prof. Misra has been honored as the 2010 Regents’ Researcher by the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents.

Chicken feather meal is processed at high temperatures with steam. This feather meal is used as animal feed and also as fertilizer. Chicken feather meal has high percentage of protein and nitrogen. The researchers have paid attention to the 12% fat content of the chicken feather meal. They have arrived at the conclusion that feather meal has potential as an alternative, non-food feedstock for the production of biofuel. They have extracted fat from chicken feather meal using boiling water and processing it into biodiesel. Another advantage of extracting fat from feather meal is it provides both a higher-grade animal feed and a better nitrogen source for fertilizer applications.

Stats tell us that if we lenovo thinkpad sl400 battery take into account the amount of feather meal generated by the poultry industry each year, researchers could produce 153 million gallons of biodiesel annually in the U.S. and 593 million gallons worldwide.

Prof. Misra is the director of the University of Nevada, Reno’s Renewable Energy Centre. He has published 183 technical papers in the areas of materials, nanotechnology and environmental and mineral process engineering until now. He also has 10 patents published and another 12 are pending. He has secured over $ 25 million dollars in grant funding.

Other research is going on regarding chicken feather meal. It contains stronger and more absorbent keratin fiber than wood. Professor Richard P. Wool of the chemical engineering department of the University of Delaware, is trying to carbonized chicken feathers. This type of chicken feather bears a resemblance to highly versatile (and tiny) carbon nanotubes. This chicken feather can be utilized to store hydrogen for fuel-cell vehicles. If we visualize carefully we can see that very tiny natural sponges of chicken feathers have a big weight advantage over metal hydride storage.

Wool’s graduate student Erman Senaz in the project explained that they applied the pyrolysis process. During this process a very high heat without combustion in the absence of oxygen is applied. This yields fibers “that are micro-porous, very thin and hollow inside like carbon nanotubes. They start forming at 350 degrees Centigrade, and above 500 C they collapse. We’re trying to find the perfect temperature.”

Another advantage of this process is there won’t be lack of chicken-feed sony vgp-bps12 battery, because the fiber is taken from the central quill part. It leaves the fluffy feathers available to force-feed livestock. Feather fiber is quite cheap, and the “gas tank” equivalent would cost around $ 200.

Animal Products Favored By Consumers And Livestock In The Spring To The Right

Winter, due to the occurrence of bird flu, poultry and other poultry products prices have been “diving”, the consumer also purchases a significant decline in the market has not seen many birds disappeared. In sharp contrast to the rising sales of livestock products, and prices have increased to some extent, seems to animal husbandry, “Spring” to a, this reporter visited the stakeholders.


 Reporter November 30 arrived in the morning 9:00 in the food market in Hefei, saw the hands carry her customers are pork, beef, lamb or vegetables and aquatic products, basic and neither a buy poultry products. In front stalls selling livestock products, people waiting in a long queue, a customer told reporters that since the media was infected with bird flu after he never bought chickens, ducks, and basically pork instead of beef and mutton, is worried about being infected. A pork vendor said that while more people to buy pork, no worries about not sell, sales of pork these days than before the occurrence of avian flu have increased by 20%% 30%%. According to a number of businesses selling beef and mutton, beef and mutton reflect a burst of sales also rose about 30%%. Reporter asked about the price of pork in the 12.8 ~ 13.2 yuan / kg between the beef in the 17.00 ~ 18.00 yuan / kg between the lamb in the 16.60 ~ 17.00 yuan / kg, slightly higher than the previous few days. Although prices have risen, but the enthusiastic members of the public to buy, according to market management personnel, mainly we have to prevent avian flu epidemic of heart, to buy livestock to become people’s main target. In Century Lianhua, Carrefour supermarket, the reporter also found in poultry and livestock products in the cold by the consumers. Supermarket official told reporters, after bird flu outbreak, poultry products sales plummeted, a decline in sales, while sales of animal products is climbing higher and higher, widely favored by the customers. Secretary Animal Husbandry Bureau of Fuyang Pengshao Jun told reporters recently in Fuyang City, sales of beef and mutton and pork are also significantly higher prices also rose compared to last year about 20%%, he estimated that as temperatures in winter, the price of beef and mutton will continue to rise, this is the result of seasonal factors. Animal products is not entirely optimistic because “bird flu”


 Livestock prices are what causes it, the reporter consulted the Pig Research Institute of Anhui Corey Chinese Yi-division technical director, he told reporters, in fact, bird flu on the market price of pork has not much effect because pork prices are affected by supply and demand, since the price of pork in July of this year has shown a decline trend, recently rose 0.2 yuan / kg, but still low compared with the same period last year, bird flu is only delayed to some extent its downside. Bird flu impact on the price of pork is the most obvious decline in feed prices, due to poultry farmers have to give up poultry parts, resulting decline in feed prices, soybean prices fell from 2,800 yuan per ton to 2,400 yuan per ton, so that profits increase pig the average increase of 30-40 dollars per head, according to his pork prices next year will rebound in the second half.


 Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences Animal Husbandry Research Fellow of the Institute of Zhao Huiling that the recent rebound in beef and mutton market trends, prices, for three reasons: First, the occurrence of avian flu. Because many bird flu in China this year, leading to sharp drop in sales of poultry products, as a substitute, a corresponding increase in consumption of beef and mutton, beef main sales areas (Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Fujian, Guangdong) boneless beef, the average price is 22 yuan / kg, compared with 6.2%% increase over the same period last year. The average price of mutton bone 19 yuan / kg, compared with the same period last year increased 8.9%%. Second, the domestic market is subject to policy support. In recent years stepped up around cattle, sheep breeds and production support efforts to ensure the production and supply of beef and mutton. Third, cattle, sheep raising initiative. Demand driven, sheep, cattle and other market prices steadily for several years, feeding efficiency is also greatly improved, at current prices, slaughter a profitable cattle 500-800 dollars, slaughter a sheep to gain 80 -100 yuan. So raising beef cattle, sheep of the market is very good. Farmers respond to market to cool, “heating”


 Pig Research Institute of Anhui Corey Hua Yi-division technical director of a very optimistic estimate of the bird flu will increase government investment in Livestock Disease Control and Prevention, will be more healthy development of the pig. He suggested that the pig farmers to take over the current market conditions, scientific farm management, prevention of swine, the conditions are ripe breeding areas should be established. Anhui Agricultural Development Co., Canton Dean Tai Yong, chairman of the company that although the winter after the increase in the consumption of pork, but the price has not increased significantly, mainly pork current excess inventory in the future as part of the poultry pig farmers to development, the industry will be more intense competition, a sharp rise in pork prices next year could still confusing, so do not blindly expand farm, but should focus on improving the quality of pork, according to the scale of the market to adjust the culture . Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences Animal Husbandry Institute, Zhao Huiling researchers also hope to be around the sheep and cattle ranchers positive growth column, improving the reproduction rate of cattle and sheep and supply in the market, earn a good situation.

Benefits of Frozen Seafood

India’s population is hugely comprised of more than 1/3 of population which still facing the economic problem. Significantly, in coastal area’s agriculture and fishing is a main source. Basically, in India fishing has the good marketing in the world. The production of a fishery is around 125 million tons. Major countries in the trade of Fish suppliers are China, Indonesia, India, Japan, U.S., and Russia. Among these India holds the third position in world production. In fact, total production of India’s fish is 5.65 million tons. This secures the best place in the entire international market to encourage its trade in Fish supplying. To overcome economic problem, India’s government has to bring reform trade in Fish suppliers. Whereas, India is ranking next to Japan compared to inland fish. The point comes here to determine the best reaction of high quality and good value, giving us right decision to purchase for individuals and families.

Purity is a significant point, containing high temperature and in the middle of people’s mind in this point of view for bargain and premium products seems to remain the same @ 99.9% purely. Most of the ladies and girls like fishing, best-quality lie in fishing tools which consist of boats, fish scales, fillet knives, cash nets, fish landing, etc., without these tools it would be disgusting trip anywhere. The journey of fishing completely filled only when the specified tools are required thoroughly. Fishing rod will completely become a part of the balance system as you proceed for various activities. It should join in your reel and lines if and only joins when you ensure unity in the work system. Supplying system can be done in means of transporting, air ways, usually, Fish suppliers offer the merchandise as well. Be careful to avoid gravel or pebbles from the beach or any of the places like…

  One of the most probably among healthiest meats around all over the world is fish. Anyhow, it consists of vitamin, minerals, and fatty acid omega-3.  One of the excellent point towards increasing the heart and body is seafood. Actually, the easiest way of cooking task around is fish. When the topic is raised about frozen seafood, hence most of the people seek to hesitate in the craze about fork and knife. Many of the people like fresh fish than frozen one. In fact, those beliefs are completely vanished. Many of the best recipes can be prepared out of which it is bounded with frozen seafood, between halibut and crab to salmon and cord. Specifically, focusing to this article and providing a delicious couple in a simple way to prepare the recipes which come first from fresh to frozen seafood. Basically, Seafood is referring to any of the sea animals that are served in terms of food eaten by humans. Sea foods include not only sea water animals, even like fish and shellfish (including mollusk and crustaceans). Generally, in United Kingdom, the word sea food is also referring to similar animals from fresh water and all certain aquatic animals which are collectively known as sea food. The method of purchasing frozen sea food only when it is frozen solid, and if you found no color, if any kind of smell is found then it is considered as fresh and mild. Way of wrapping should be moist and vapor proof and should be fitted properly not in a damaged of any form. Inspect for the expiry date if you found any water strains or ice crystals, hence seafood has thawed & been re-frozen.

Benefits of Frozen Seafood

Many of the people like to have fish because it is good for health. The worldwide research has discovered that eating fish regularly once or twice in a week will reduce the risk of diseases from childhood, which range from asthma to prostate cancer. It is also very good for eyes and brain. One of the best and most popular effective ways of storing food is freezing. Generally, many food items are frozen, but it might spoil the quality. However, almost all the varieties of fish are frozen without having any change or effect on the quality. There are many benefits when you store a fish. When the food has been frozen it will not help the bacteria to multiply, where it makes the best method of preserving food the safest. During the freezing process, it will prevent the multiple of pathogens where these pathogens can cause food poisoning. The foods which are frozen quickly will turn the water content of the food into ice particles or crystals where it will minimize the cell structure damage. Wherein, this type of freezing will maintain the delicate flesh texture of the fish. The color, texture, nutritional value and taste of frozen fish will retain same if it stored correctly. The freshwater fish should be eaten as quickly as possible once when you purchase it.

Many of them will think why to buy fish, which is frozen? What is the difference when you store the fish?

If you want the fish to last for many weeks or months, it is better you freeze it, whereas it will give you the same nutritional value, taste and texture as a freshwater fish. The goodness of the fish will be locked in the process of freezing.

The freshwater fish is found in various lakes and rivers. Buying the frozen fish provides you with the ability to use the fish throughout a year at affordable prices. Whenever you store and cook fish, which has been frozen, it is very essential for you to adhere to the instructions given on the package. It is always better if you go through the guidelines of the packed frozen fish before you start cooking the frozen fish. Many of the frozen foods which are purchased from reputable companies will provide you a user friendly guide regarding the usage and storing their products. There will be a note mentioned on the package that is best before dates to use that product for better quality. Make sure that you don’t buy fish the package is open, torn or even crushed on the edges. The fish should be free from ice crystals with no discoloration. If you see the ice particles inside the package don’t buy because the fish has either been stored for too long, or it might be thawed out and then re-frozen. The fillets should not show any evidence of drying out such as the white spots, dark-brown spots and discoloration of fading of red or pinkish flesh. The freshwater fish should not be thought of as a pet which can be easily be set up and forgotten about. Nowadays, even in the internet you can find an easy guide on freshwater fishing.


Homemade Canning – Where’s the Beef? Canning Your Meat, Poultry, and More!

Why limit your home canning to produce? Scoop up a great seasonal deal on meat, poultry, or fish and experience the ease of meal preparation with canned meat. The best part is you know what is in the jar, there are no added flavors, no undisclosed spices, and no MSG.

The Art of Mince Meat

Mincemeat is really an overlooked delicacy and method of preserving meat our ancestors came up with. Originally, it was a mix of lean beef, suet, apples, citrus fruits, raisins, brandy or hard cider, and various spices. There is no need to stick with older recipes that call for a long list of ingredients that are exotic by today’s standards. Unless your family has a taste for old-fashioned mincemeat, feel free to come up with your own version.

Simply use a roast beef recipe and cook as directed. Add such spices as garlic, onions, savory, marjoram, salt and pepper or use your favorite blend. When the meat can easily be pulled apart and chopped, allow it to cool and then chop it up. It will then be ready to slip into the freshly boiled and cooled jars and slipped into a homemade canning device.

Roast carrots, whole onion, garlic cloves, and potatoes or other vegetables like cauliflower and chop them up with the meat. Drain excess broth before canning the meat and vegetable mixture. Can the broth separately. Now you have jars of ready-to-go beef broth and jars of meat that are perfect for sandwiches or one-dish meals that are perfectly seasoned.

Poultry is Easily Preserved Too

Home-canned chicken and chicken broth can put the store-bought products to shame. Not only is it more cost-efficient, it is tastier and healthier too. Make low-sodium versions or salt-free versions delicately seasoned with your blend of seasonings such as poultry seasoning, garlic, onions, or even add chopped up vegetables to the broth and strain before canning it to add a healthy and tasty twist.

Canned chicken, once drained of the broth, makes an easy addition to salads, soups, one-dish meals, and meals heated up in less than 30 minutes. Leave the aforementioned vegetables in with the chicken or can them separately. Either way, all you need to do is add the two jars, chicken or broth, to a saucepan and some noodles for a nearly instant chicken noodle soup.

Don’t Overlook Fish When Canning

If you live in an area where fresh fish is in season, such as salmon in coastal areas or pike around the great lakes, don’t overlook homemade canning as a method of reserving the bounty.

Store-bought canned fish can have additives such as excess salt, or a funny fish taste if the fish was off-season or previously frozen when canned. Following your favorite plain canned poultry recipe, go ahead and can the season’s catch. The best part is, it’s one of the foods that doesn’t need to be precooked, just add it to the boiled jars and pressure can it.

When homemade canning, do not overlook the possibilities of canning your own meat, poultry, or fish and preserving the seasonal bounty or fresh game. Canned meats are quick and easy meals and unlike freezing the meat, it won’t get freezer burn. Canned beef, chicken, and even some fish can be made into salads, for sandwiches, potato toppers, or side dishes and are great additions to freshly boiled noodles for delicious and quick soups.

Retrieve Frozen Moments

Digital cameras are now a day a regular thing to have. It seems like everyone is carrying one with them. And as Smart phones have digital cameras built in and with very good resolution, it is now a common tool. As a result our computer is full of photos taken every time something interesting happens or we have just become shutter happy. We capture every moment, whether it is of joy, sorrow, tragedy, romantic, horrifying – anything. And when it is wedding, birthday, festival, anniversary, graduation etc. it is mandatory get pictures. So our collections of photos grow and grow and become massive. They are actually a valuable possession as they are the moments of our life, captured in still frame. Through them we can relive the past.

Now, accidents happen. If, in any accident, you lose all your photos what will you do? Honestly, I would freak out. But freaking out won’t bring them back. So you should something that will get you your priceless frozen moments back. But first you should know the reason why your pictures can get lost.

Removing memory device while transferring pictures or removing it without proper procedure.

Power failure or voltage problem.

Hardware crash.

HDD (Hard Disk Drive) failure, burned, fried circuit, damaged etc.

Software crash.

Accidental removal or emptying Trash Bin without last check.

Partition formatted, deleted or failure.

So, you see there are quiet a good number of ways to lose your pictures. So being cautious about it is certainly a good idea so if the accident do happen, you can recover deleted photos.

When you lose something in your HDD or delete it, or format it, the data become invisible and inaccessible. It is not hidden file nor it is system hidden file, it is just a file that does not exist in the reference. But it is there, but the OS (Operating System) does not know that it is. So if you can search the whole HDD with retrieve the pieces to make them whole, you will retrieve deleted photos and data. That is something we ourselves cannot do manually. For that we require a recovery tool.

Photo Recovery by Wondershare is such a tool that can restore deleted photos. It can recover deleted, lost, formatted and inaccessible photos and restore them as it were. It supports pause and resume, so if have great flexibility. You can save the scan results if you don’t want to go through a full scan again. It saves a lot of time. You can also filter pictures by name, size and date which narrow down the search and help to find out a specific file. Preview lets you see the pictures prior to restoration so you can know beforehand if that is the photo you want to recover or not. If is very easy to use, you don’t need any expert knowledge. It is also read-only and cost-effective.

You can get this tool in this place: If you are using Mac, then go here: You can use the trial version first to see how it works and then purchase the full version. And keep a backup copy of the software in case the software itself falls victim to data loss.