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Considering Frozen Yogurt Franchise Opportunities

Yogurt is one reason why lactose-intolerant people can still delight in a dairy product. For some time, yogurt has been identified as an essential health food and an excellent addition to numerous diets. It’s no surprise that the yogurt business in the U.S. has been growing solid for the previous years.

Although a derivative of milk, yogurt is not the same as what the milkman delivers to your doorstep. Unlike milk, yogurt is a bit sour and tangy to the taste resulting from its fermentation process. Bacterial strains transform the sugars in milk into lactic acid. The yogurt gets tangier if it has more bacteria. Just as wine comes from fermented grape juice, yogurt comes from fermented milk.

Analysts state that the dairy market in the United States is not yet demonstrating its full potential, meaning there is still room to grow. Soda giant PepsiCo expects to get into yogurt business by opening its dairy plant by 2013 in Batavia, New York. Yogurt is very popular in Europe, so why not go big in Uncle Sam’s turf?

As the dairy market in the U.S. still requires a little push, this is an excellent opportunity for yogurt business starters. They can help out to aid the US dairy industry experience a growth spurt—just like Greek yogurt being popular in the country. Even though at a rather sluggish tempo, yogurt sales are undeniably expanding and is anticipated to do so.

Learning more about frozen yogurt franchise opportunities may be a wise decision at this time. According to statistics, as of 2012, near 50 million people in the U.S. can’t seem to digest milk proteins, causing them to be lactose intolerant. Yogurt is simpler to digest than milk because the bacteria in the yogurt break down the proteins to more digestible volumes. This enables the lactose-intolerant body to take in the yogurt more easily.

Yogurt can be taken as is, with fruits on the side; or as an ingredient for a healthy fruit smoothie. Whatever your way of selling this godsend for the lactose intolerant, opening a franchise business of yogurt is likely to flourish. It may be tangy but at least it has a valid reason to be like that—to aid lactose-intolerant people obtain the nutrients they need.

To find out more about yogurt, read websites such as and To find out more about how to get into the best franchise businesses, check out

Are You Frozen?

In an economic downturn, we are all like deer on a dark and windy road. Some of us see approaching headlights and instinctively know to leap into the woods. Unfortunately, others of us freeze. Unable to go left or right; we think that wherever we leap to will be worse than our current position. I certainly don’t need to elaborate on what happens to the deer on the road that freezes.

If you’re one prone to frozen panics in tough financial times, you need to embrace some logic. Just like the deer in the headlights, you will be doomed to a painful demise unless you take a leap. When times are challenging, being coward and indecisive can be fatal business mistakes. Alternatively being bold, creative, and quick-thinking can not only help you weather through challenges, it can propel you to leap ahead of your competition that is still stuck in the middle of the road waiting to be hit.

Take Action

Start by resolving yourself to do something. Join a new networking group, discover a new promotional opportunity, or learn a new way to market yourself online – just do something!

Stay Visible

It’s natural to feel a little blue when business is slow, but don’t let the blahs turn you into an office recluse. Detaching yourself from customers and prospects only helps them to forget you and notice your competitors. Get your name out there any way that you can. Make calls, send emails, write articles for trade publications, start a newsletter, send out a press release, and attend any events where you can reach out to others.

Don’t Cut Your Marketing Efforts

Companies often make the knee-jerk decision to cut spending on marketing and promotions during a slowdown. What a big mistake! This is the time to communicate your message and offer a value proposition that will resonate with your market. Inevitably, you will have competitors that scale back their marketing out of sheer financial necessity. Take advantage of the less crowded playing field and shout to your customers that you’re still going strong when times are tough.

Keep Positive

Everything in business is cyclical. It may seem like this economy is taking an incredibly long time to turn itself around. However, new opportunities and more business will be there for the taking if you can hang in there and maintain your ability to think fast and keep moving.

How to Build a Poultry House That Lasts

If you are going to build a poultry house, there are certain things that you want to make absolutely sure you do so that it lasts for years to come. Many chicken farmers don’t take the time to build a poultry house correctly and because of this the house they do build starts to fall apart in a matter of months in some cases.

Since you are going to invest your time and some money in the process, you want to make sure it’s going to be high quality so you don’t have to start rebuilding it next season.

Here are the main things you must consider in order to build a poultry house successfully.

Investigate Your Building Materials

One of the first things you should do that will make a very large difference in the results you get is investigate the building materials you’re going to use. Building materials is one really great way to save money while you build a poultry house because of the fact in some cases you might even be able to find some for free – or at a very low price.

Now that said though, not all building materials come equally. In some cases you may get a good price for your materials but they are materials that will help your chicken house maintain structural integrity.

Because of this, in time the walls will start to become less stable and eventually the entire house may fall down. Consulting a good guide about the different types of building materials will be a must.

Do Not Forget To Landscape

Next, you also want to make sure you’re taking the time to landscape your land as well. This is another serious mistake a number of people make because they figure the land they have is ‘good enough’.

Not quite.

It can get very expensive to hire someone in to do the landscaping for you, so get a guide that will teach you how to do it yourself. This is another simple way to save loads of money while making sure the finished product is still just as good.

Avoid Building Too Low

Finally, the third thing you want to make sure you do as you build a poultry house is ensure that you’re building higher up on the ground in terms of elevation.

When you build in a low-lying area you run the risk of water eventually collecting at the base, which could flood your chicken house.

Try and build on some form of a hill if you can so you easily prevent this problem and it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

So be sure you keep all of these factors in mind as you go about the process of starting to build your poultry house.

It really does not need to be a difficult process if you have a good plan to follow.

Be On The Right Path To Health With Frozen Yogurt


Exactly where are people going for the best health food craze? You may well be amazed to know that they’re not trooping to the farmer’s market for organic veggies but to a frozen yogurt kiosk. Definitely, being a snack food, you can get more healthy out of that frozen yogurt. Plain or topped with fresh fruits, frozen yogurt is actually a healthy snack alternative. Many people, both old and young could enjoy various health benefits from having a portion of that delightfully cold indulgence.

Head to any frozen yogurt kiosk and you’ll have to choose a variety of flavors as well as toppings. Based on the stand alone, the yogurt they supply would range in taste from the sweeter choice that’s much closer in taste to ice cream to the fairly tangier, natural yogurt taste we know and appreciate. In either case, these both add themselves quite well to varied toppings and flavorings. Young people usually appreciate adding sweets to theirs however it’s in no way too early to nudge all of them to the fruit choices, at the least persuade them to add a few orange to that chocolate-y concoction of their own.

It’s not quite as largely identified about yogurt but they have numerous healthful perks. It’s ultimately a big surprise that the frozen yogurt business has not yet made more like it than other businesses mainly would. All this time, many of the marketing we’ve read about frozen yogurt is based precisely how nice they taste. To their recognition, it’s hard to disagree with that; they do taste wonderful.

Similarly to other creamy snacks, yogurt is an effective source of calcium. It is always good for the bones. To explain that, milk is great for the bones, yogurt is great. It gives you extra calcium compared to milk does. Yogurt contains live-active cultures in which boost the ingestion of calcium. To an 8-ounce portion-one big scoop-of yogurt you could get more calcium supplement in your body than with the exact same quantity of milk.

Yogurt is ideal for both young and the youthful generation. With regard to slightly older people, research has shown that it could reduced cholesterol levels by binding bile acids. Not to mention, it’s sometimes known as a growth food for youths. Yogurt’s 2 nutritional attributes can help kids with intestinal assimilation issues grow within the easier digestibility of required protein and the lactic acid content raises mineral intake.


Frozen Shoulder Pain

Frozen shoulder pain is 1 of the most routine shoulder conditions and 1 of the most disenabling. It owes its phrase to the fact that the diseased woman has the struck shoulder range of motion majorly hedged. Normally the guy sick has inconvenience reaching up for cupboards, washing hair, steering the auto steering wheel and so on. This is made even tougher by the lasting recovery times to retrieve ample range and mobility.

After you register this report,you will have aquired a dependable base of info where you will KNOW whether or not you have frozen shoulder, as well as how to conduct the juxtaposed step in how to properly handle it.

Frozen shoulder pain is a comparatively standard condition that involves umpteen individuals round the earth. It’s technically addressed as adhesive capsulitis due to the nature of the problem. There is a encapsulation of kinds that surrounds the shoulder muscular tissues which shortens and tightens up,thus the phrase,and the pain sensation. It as well suffers citing that when this capsule shrinks and scars,becoming ‘adhesive’,it tends to seriously throttle a womans range of movement. It inclines to be especially unfavorable with arm movements crosswise the body and in stretching above the head.

Why does a folks get frozen shoulder pain in the 1st place you may inquire? enquire a dozen people and you will believably get a 12 answers. They could all be both right and incorrect at the selfsame time. Meaning that what caused the issue in 1 folks may not be the one cause in another gal. So what are the varied suspected provokers of this desperate condition?

-Previous accidental injury to the ordinary shoulder area

-Hormonal imbalances,especially in the thyroidal secretory organ


-Repetitive motion or strain without proper stretches and rest period

There are more,but you hear the approximation. Possibly more to the point,the cause is not so a good deal essential as is discovering the appropriate shoulder system.

While the causal agent of frozen shoulder pain is mostly debated between divergent wellness professionals and lay people alike,the general patterned advance to be expected is for the most part agreed upon.

-Level one A freeze phase; Indicators being knifelike hurting,tending to be more despicable at nighttime making resting laboured if not unachievable. Range of movement has not thus far became circumscribed a good deal,if at all.

-stage 2 A frozen phase; Symptoms being decreasing pain degrees but with your range of movement getting extremely minimalist. Most citizenry find this to be the nastiest stage to grapple with.

-Level three A unfreezing stage; Symptoms being,as the term implies,a gradual dwindling of the left over pain along with a unloosing up of movement once more.

Now that you Recognise the prospective causal agents and the stages of frozen shoulder pain, how do you care for it?

Simply tick on any of the links in this read for more data immediately to learn more and get recuperating.

Does Nutrisystem Sell Frozen Meals And Food Entrees?

The other day, I received an email from someone who said that she’d just spent a large amount of time trying to locate Nutrisystem products in the frozen food aisle of the grocery store. She’d seen the lean cuisine section, the weight watchers section, and the “smart ones” selections, but, no matter how hard she looked, she couldn’t find what she was looking for.  She asked: “am I wrong in thinking that Nutrisystem sells frozen meals?  If they do offer these, where can I buy them?”  I’ll answer this question in the following article.

The Company Does Offer A Frozen Food Line, It’s Called Nutrisystem Select:  Many of this diet’s foods are prepackaged but not frozen.  However, the company does have a new line of frozen meals out.  These meals are touted as being “restaurant quality” and they are decent tasting and pretty convenient.  However, these meals are not sold in grocery stores.  Like all of the diet plan’s products, you have to order this option online also.  But, this isn’t as bad as it sounds.  They usually have the food to you in only a few days and sometimes they do offer free shipping if you can find the correct coupon.

Cost Of And Choices On Nutrisystem Select:  This plan is just slightly more expensive than the company’s regular plan which does not include the frozen foods.  For example, the monthly cost of the basic regular program is $ 299.  For the Select program, you’ll pay about $ 369 instead.  However, both of these plans usually offer coupons that will bring this price down.  And many people feel that the extra cost is worth it because many find that the foods taste a bit better.

They also give you a lot of choices with this plan. A few of the examples of the offerings for breakfast are french toast, egg sandwich, vegetable frittata strata, and pancakes. (You are also allowed to have some of the regular choices too, like the oatmeal, muffins, scones, cereal, etc.)

For lunch and dinner, just a few examples are chicken and shrimp Alfredo, ravioli, margarita pizza, chicken fajitas, steak and cheese melt, ham and cheese panini, Asian beef, and beef with portabella mushrooms.

The desserts include apple and peach crisp, a fudge sundae, an ice cream sandwich, a chocolate bar, and blueberry parfait, to name a few.  Whether you feel that these frozen entrees are worth the extra money is going to be an individual choice.  They are quite convenient requiring only rewarming, or in the case of the ice creams, just taking off the wrapper.

I’m sometimes asked what is the difference between going with the Nutrisystem frozen foods or just buying some of the frozen foods in the grocery aisle like lean cuisine.  There’s actually a noticeable difference in the nutrition and carb / protein content.  Your Nutrisystem results and success is based on your body getting into a metabolic state called ketosis.  In order to get there, you have to consume higher amounts of protein and lower amounts of carbs.  If you look at the carb content in frozen foods like lean cuisine, you’ll see that the protein content often is not high enough to get you into ketosis.  Also, they tend to have a much higher salt and carbohydrate content. 

So, sure, you may be eating a low amount of calories, but that’s not all you need to do (at least for most people) to get the results that you want. The protein, carbohydrate, and fiber content must be satisfactory to get into ketosis and most of the grocery store offerings just don’t fit the bill.

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Keeping Your Frozen Foods Fresher – Preventing Freezer Burn

Have you ever taken food out of your freezer only to find that its covered in ice crystals, discolored, and has areas on its surface that appear dried out or leathery? If so, youve seen the effects of freezer burn first hand.
If youve prepared food that was freezer burnt, you probably found that it didnt taste or smell quite right. While freezer burnt foods are generally safe to eat, their taste, smell and texture may be unappealing, and the food may go to waste. To get the most out of your food budget, you want to do everything possible to keep your frozen foods fresh. Otherwise, you are just throwing money away.
Freezer burn happens when moisture within frozen foods is drawn to the surface, turns to ice crystals, causing the food to dehydrate. Water evaporates at low temperatures (even well below the freezing point) as well as high temperatures. It just evaporates more slowly at low temperatures. Exposure to air is the culprit. If food is loosely packaged and exposed to air, it will develop freezer burn. To keep your frozen food fresher, here are some tips to avoid freezer burn:
When freezing pre-wrapped foods, consider double wrapping them or placing the packages in tightly sealed plastic bags for additional protection.
Wrap foods tightly in plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Label and date packages so you know how long its been in the freezer.
When using freezer bags, squeeze out the air as you seal them. You can even use straw to suck out air. Label and date.
Fill containers completely, only allowing space for expansion during freezing.
Freezer-safe glass containers allow less air infiltration.
Place a layer of plastic wrap on the surface of soups and stews before sealing the container.
Set your freezer temperature below 0 Fahrenheit. Buy a freezer thermometer to insure the temperature controls are accurate.
Never put warm items directly in the freezer. For best results, cool to room temperature then chill in the refrigerator before freezing.
Open the freezer door as little as possible. A separate chest freezer (with manual defrost) is best for dedicated long-term storage of frozen foods.

Frozen Fruit Smoothies

Frozen fruit smoothies come in many varieties. They can differ in taste, texture, and ingredients. The important thing to remember is to keep them as healthy as possible using these simple guidelines.

Frozen Fruit Smoothies Have Basic Ingredients

There are a few basics to get you started with smoothies, which you can then build upon as your tastes change.

The first thing you will need is fruit. Fresh is best because it contains the greatest amount of vitamins, minerals, and raw food enzymes. Raw food enzymes are only available in raw foods because heat destroys enzymes. They are essential components to include in your meal planning if you want to eat a healthy diet plan to keep your body functioning correctly.

However, fruit from the freezer will work just fine if that is all that is available.

Bananas, berries of all types, peaches, apples, nectarines, pears, and pineapple are all great fruits to use for your frozen fruit smoothies. Depending on where you live and what fruits are available, mangos and kiwi are also good choices.

Frozen Fruit Smoothies Need Liquid

A liquid is added to the blender as you are making your smoothie. The type and amount of liquid will determine how thick it becomes.

Commonly used liquids such as water, milk (2% or skim is fine and will help reduce the fat and calories in your diet), fruit juice, rice milk, or soy milk will make differing flavors of smoothie.

Remember to use unsweetened juice. You really don’t need or want the sugar or high fructose corn syrup commonly found in sweetened juices.

Frozen Fruit Smoothies Need A Thickener

Often used thickeners include low-fat yogurt, frozen fruit, a cup of ice, or a small can of frozen juice concentrate (read the label for added sugar or other sweetener). The more thickener you use the thicker your smoothie will be.

The basic frozen fruit smoothies recipes are centered around one part fruit, one part liquid, and two parts thickener. You can pick and choose any combination of these that you want to experiment with. Add more liquid or thickener as needed to reach the desired consistency.

Don’t be afraid to be daring in selecting your ingredients. You really can’t go wrong. If sweetener is needed remember to use crystalline fructose or honey because they are more “body friendly.” Usually, the fruit is sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Serve immediately if possible because the taste is at its height. Refrigerating is possible but the flavor and texture suffer.

Frozen fruit smoothies can be used as a healthy breakfast food, a healthy snack, or even as a dessert. Try them you’ll like them.

Three Points to Remember When Building a Poultry House

As you get ready to start building a poultry house, there are some main points that you should keep in mind. These are the issues that are going to save you the most money in the long run and help ensure that you’re going to build a chicken house that stands the test of time.

Many chicken farmers overlook these critical elements and when they do, that’s when they will find their chickens are not laying eggs on a regular basis and are growing more and more frustrated with the situation daily.

Here is what you need to remember when building a poultry house.

Always Think Carefully About Size

The first thing you should be doing is making sure you plan your size very carefully. Building too large or too small is really going to influence how your chickens feel while in the house and that will then influence how many eggs they lay.

If you’re looking at building a poultry house that is successful, you must have so many square feet per chicken. Find a proper chicken house building plan that will provide this for you.

Plan Your Window Use Properly

Next, you also need to make sure you’re using the windows properly inside the chicken coop. Windows are going to serve to major purposes. First, they will act to give your chicken house ventilation.

Ventilation is something that’s vital because if you can hardly walk into the coop because of the smell, imagine how your chickens will feel.

Second, the windows are going to be vital for providing enough sunlight. If you aren’t getting enough light into the coop, you’re going to be faced to have to wire in electrical light, which can really drive up your budget.

For best results, make sure the guide you’re using gives you specifications in terms of both location and size. This will help you maximize the benefits you get from your windows.

Do Not Overlook The Chicken Fence

Finally, you want to make sure you’re not neglecting to build a chicken fence. The chicken house fence is what will protect your chickens from onlooking predators, which can be incredibly devastating to your entire coop.

If you are unsure of which predators are lurking in your area, make sure you take the time to do some research so you can find out and then take the best possible steps to adding appropriate protection against these animals.

So, before you start building a poultry house, keep these tips in mind. Find and follow a good plan and your chances of success will skyrocket.